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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Wedding, Handfasting Ceremony or BOTH!

Welcome to a personal glimpse into our beautiful wedding day and hand-fasting ceremony from earlier this month. 

I first married Jeff, 30 years ago. We've been best friends and soul mates ever since, but life chipped away and along the journey, we lost our way for a bit. We got divorced 10 years ago but found we could not keep apart. It seems the Universe had planned for us to be together, forever.

Here we are the first time round ... 

As life ticks on, we have learnt how utterly blessed we are to have each other, how much we need each other, that we shine like a beacon for each other, not just in this lifetime, but in all lifetimes. We are better people when we are together. We have great fun and absolutely love each others company. So, when Jeff asked me if I would like to marry him again, I didn't hesitate.

We wanted a very quiet wedding, in fact, we didn't really want a wedding at all, we just wanted to get married. We went along to the registry office to see if we could pop in, with no fuss.

The room for 'popping in' was quite dreary, so the registrar kindly showed us the lovely Old 6th form library, which we both fell in love with. It made perfect sense to get married in here, given that I am a writer. It reminded me of a little Hogwarts library.

The room was just big enough for me and Jeff, the registrars and our 'family'. We didn't have a wedding breakfast planned, but it felt a bit stark just ending the day there.

Then I had a thought. In the Summer, I played a tiny part in the creation of a roundhouse owned by our dear friends, Jenni and Ali Chapter at Gorslwyd Farm in Aberporth. I tentatively asked Jenni & Ali about having a handfasting in the round house and they were thrilled at the idea. Not only that, Jenni very kindly offered Afternoon Tea and a Gong Bath in her magnificent studio for our guests, whilst we popped off to a hotel for a bit of 'us' time. Marvellous! 

So, then I spoke with Jim Fox, who was my Sound Therapy Tutor, as I knew he is also a Celebrant. Jeff and I met with Jim at Skanda Vale Hospice where we both volunteer, and had a chat about how the ceremony might be. Jim did a fabulous Ceremony for us and we can't thank him enough.

Mmm but how would we capture the day? I dropped my friend Libby a message to see if she might take some snaps for us, and then she asked her husband, who happens to be a photographer (I honestly didn't know that when I asked Libby) And Luke very kindly offered to come and capture our day for us. 

As I am sure you will agree, his photographs are absolutely stunning. We absolutely love them. They have captured the essence of both ceremonies and are a lifetime keepsake for us. He really is a fabulous photographer and such a  lovely guy.

What a special day of love it was, one that we will remember forever and one that proves you don't need a lot of money to have a special day to remember, just a lot of LOVE.

You can see more of Luke's work HERE
You can find out about Gorslwyd Farm HERE
You can contact Jim Fox HERE

The Registry Office Bouquets and button holes were by The Greenhouse in Pencader, our dear friend Avril owns it, do pop in if you drive by.

The flowers for the roundhouse were kindly given by friends and we also had bouquets made by Angela Sadler in Llandysul, to gift as a thank you  to Ali & Jenni and to Libby & Luke.

Also many thanks to Jenni's son, who made us a lovely Wedding cake.

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