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Cheryl Beer
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Monday, 7 January 2019

The Beautiful You-ness of You

Ask yourself, what if I am enough, just as I am? How would it feel to acknowledge the whole of yourself as being completely enough? For me, it feels like a release; like I've been holding my breath and suddenly, I am breathing out. 

The simple fact is, we are enough, in fact, we are more than enough, we are amazing and yet, we can so easily feel under a pressure to be somehow, more than what we are.

It can be hard work, quietening the inner voice that screams 'WHO ARE YOU KIDDING' but when this happens, it helps me to think of flowers and trees. I would never ask a daisy to be a rose, or a rose to be an oak tree, or an oak tree to be a daisy. Each is stunningly beautiful, just as it is. If we can love flowers and trees in their own right, then how come it is so hard to love ourselves in the same way? It's a rhetorical question, to which, deep down, we already know the answers.

Be still with yourself, be kind to yourself, show yourself compassion, celebrate the you-ness of you, for you are as beautiful as the daisy, the rose and the old oak tree.

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