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Cheryl Beer
Award Winning Creative Director making social change through the mediums of sound, story & mantra

Friday, 8 March 2019


Today is International Women's Day. With deep respect, I light candles for all women to honour and sustain the flame at our core and I pray for those women whose struggle is still, so great. 

My small, humble offering to you, on this day, is recorded in my studio, during the Song Meditations that have become my personal therapy: Woman Needs A Temple.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

The Best Careers Advice

When I first started learning to write, it was in pencil. Then, once my writing had become 'good enough' I was promoted to pen. At first, it was ink, pouring poems & points to remember but then, Mr Biro took the 70's by storm. From pens on necklaces to hang around our neck to 4 tone pens at the flick of a switch, we were tooled up for writing but it made no odds, for there is no pen greater than the imagination. 

Today, my fingers race around the keyboard or my index finger is tap, tap, tapping on the phone screen, writing stories with and for children, but nothing can replace the delicious ease of pencil to paper or the luxury of ink soaked stories.

Who could have known back then, at such a young age, that my obsession with writing stories, poems and songs would become my life. It is a real lesson. 

If you are lost as to which career to choose, the best advice of all, is to explore what made you happy as a child. What made your heart skip, when were you most content, for this above all things, is what should fill your days. If you loved to be outside as a child, go outside, see how that feels. If you loved to lose yourself in books, if you loved gardening, baking, playing with hair, making doll's clothes, painting ... whatever it was, follow this calling, even as an experiment and see if it connects you to a place you remember.

My Nan would say, 'Be Happy, love, life is short,' and only now do I understand. There is no room in our lives for following anything other than our heart  ... 

The Little Girl who Tip Toed to the End of the Earth

Meet The Little Girl who tip toed to the end of the Earth, looking for the more that she's been searching for. 

This Thursday, on World Book Day, she'll be on my shiny new website talking to you about her book, yes, that's right, we've been sprinkling magic on our book covers so that they come to life and are able to talk with you, themselves. How exciting! is where I'll be housing all my new innovative work in partnership with children, empowering them to mindfully address those things that concern them the most, with stories and storytelling: In just 4 sleeps, The Sleeping Storyteller: A Child Led Story Book Company goes live, HERE! 

On World Book Day, I'll be out and about on a Libraries Tour in Carmarthenshire, meeting lots of children & having great fun, celebrating books & then going live on facebook in the evening. You're welcome to join me ... 

Have a lovely day, dear ones.