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Cheryl Beer
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Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Universal Womb

Have you ever noticed what is is in the very centre of the word, womb? Tonight, I was updating my website with some of my Soul Ink Meditation Songs, one of which is called 'Womb Song' and as I typed the word, I realised that tucked away, right in the middle, is OM: an ancient sacred sound that is used across the world for meditation, known generally as the sound or voice of the universe, and if you think about it, that makes perfect sense. I think this realisation will help me to connect more fully with the internal universe, the part of us that is the whole. 

If you would like to hear my Soul Ink Meditation Womb Song, feel free to pop over to my website ... 

Happy Chanting, Dear Ones

Healing with Song Meditations

When I first became hearing impaired, I didn't think I would ever want to chant or sing again. I spent the first 9 months pretty much in silence. It was too painful, but as time progressed,  after a lifetime career as a songwriter, my soul became heavy, so I began singing very quietly and softly to myself. It felt wonderful to feel my voice in my body again. Now a gentle song meditation is my daily practice. I do this by putting the side of my face onto my guitar, so that my ear & hearing aid is very close to the sound hole. I find a drone that I can hear and that does not distort with my hyperacusis, nor interfere with my tinnitus and then I just chant/jam over the top, channelling self healing. It's so quiet, I doubt you'd hear me, unless you were sat right next to me. 

My husband was so moved by my fragile chanting, that he asked if he could record me, so we rigged up our old studio equipment.

It was strange to hear myself back. When music was my job, everything had to be 'perfect' and now, nothing is! My songs are not even really songs, but they are authentic, honest, vulnerable healings from the depth of my soul, calling me to accept myself, just I am.

And now, I share them with you, just incase they offer you hope and acceptance of yourself, as the beautiful being that you are. Let's face it, we all go through tough times. The seas are high and the tides, rough, so if we can share the ways in which we heal, we steady the boat together.

I have been making little films to go with my Soul Ink Song Meditations. If you would like to hear them, feel free to pop over and listen to them at my website

All love, dear ones ... 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Helping children come to terms with the loss of a parent

As an author of mindful stories, I've had a few requests to write about the loss of a loved one, dying & grief to help grown ups broach the subject in a loving & mindful way with children, so I have written this poem  'On the day that Mummy died.' 

I hope it helps you to ease the heart of children when they are at their saddest. For more details of my work as The Sleeping Storyteller, feel free to click the link below ...