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Cheryl Beer
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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Quest for a Deaf Friendly Friendly Shruti Box

 ... And so my journey back to Self continues. Increasingly, I have become more confident in living with my hearing impairments. This is without doubt, due to my own daily healing practice of chanting mantra and listening to gentle devotion music from around the world. 

For instance, right now I am listening to a beautiful Sufi mantra by Dilpreet Bhatia,  based on a profound poem by Baba Bulleh Shah, Kaalam, to remove ego from the heart.

It is in this stillness of Self that the desire to chant and make healing music has returned to my heart ,soul, body and spirit, awakening the very cells of my being.One of the things I miss the most since my hearing deteriorated, is my shruti box. It was too loud for my hearing aids. The sound distorted and was too painful for me, so I re-homed it ... but then today, after 3 years without it, I wondered, would it possible to find a shruti box that could be played quietly? Was there a way to find a sound sensitve shruti box, in a low enough key that my ears and hearing aids could tolerate?

I did a google search, thinking I would spend weeks searching the world for such an instrument but straight away, as if it had been waiting for me, up pops who make customised shruti boxes, sensitive to volume and special foot pedals, which means I could sit away from the box itself.

And where do you think this company is? India, maybe? No, they are in Ceredigion, literally the next County to me. I rang up and spoke with Natasha. Her partner, Stephan, the musician, actually makes the shruti boxes and pedals, right here, in Wales!

Stephan is so busy, I have to wait until July for my visit, but it feels promising that, when the time is right, I will have a shruti box tuned to the tolerance of my hyperacusis and tinnitus, as well as volume sensitive to my hearing aids. It feels like a miracle. Somewhere deep inside me, I can hear my lovely Nan saying to me,' Where there's a will, there's a way.' and indeed, as ever, she is right.

All love dear ones

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Are you Ready to OM?

I am very happy to feature this song from my new album 'Woman Needs a Temple' now available at Bandcamp and today's Meditation Incantation is 'Are You Ready to OM?' 

Recorded during my sacred and personal healing practice, shared now to help and inspire others to heal from within. Here's the track, have a listen and if you like it, why not pop over to Bandcamp to hear the other tracks, too. When you buy a download, it enables me to continue my work, sharing my healing practice to help others. Thank you for your love.

Full details available from my website ... 

Humans are Healers

2 weeks ago, I cut my hand really badly. I had smashed a glass and left it broken in the bottom of the waste paper bin and then stuff had been put on the top of it. When I came to empty the bin, I forgot about the broken glass and it went right through the fleshy part of my hand between my thumb and index finger. It didn't really hurt but there was so much blood, I thought I would pass out. I managed to put the flap back and bandage it back together. Today, you wouldn't even know that my hand has been cut. We have the most remarkable capacity to heal, not just cuts and bruises, but heart, soul, mind and each other. I am a healer and so are you. We Self heal without even knowing. We have this immense super power that we completely take for granted: Humans are Healers. Just imagine what we can achieve when we step into that power.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Womb Song: Woman Needs a Temple

Following a beautifully quiet and graceful launch of my new meditation album, Woman Needs a Temple, I share with you here, one of the tracks entitled, Womb Song, an opening to Mother Earth, a reply to her constant hum, an invitation for her to connect our Divine Spirits ... in the morning or the evening, when the moon falls or the sun rises and all time inbetween.

I love this little film made with Esther Arends, the Founder of Embodiment of Self. Her beautiful  dance with nature, fits so well with Womb Song.

If you would like to hear my whole album, 
please feel free to visit by clicking this link ...

Or you are welcome to visit my website ...

Saturday, 11 May 2019

In search of 9 Extraordinary Ways to Meditate

It's quite a thing, recording personal meditation because the two things don't really sit well together, the spiritual and the technical are in different realms, except that when one is chanting, it is as if this world is transcended and nothing else exists, such is the blissful healing of it. 

In preparation for my new album release, Woman Needs a Temple, I have redesigned my website, my bandcamp and this blog. I have found instruments to heal my ears rather than hurt them, learnt how to play guitar in new ways, made a special drum beater to enable me to play my djembe, re-trained my voice to use other partes of my body, found new keys to chant in and spent time developing techniques that enable recording in the studio. It has taken me 2 years to reach this point. As I explained in my last blog post, having a 'launch' in the traditional sense, did not feel appropriate, but I would like to celebrate the tremendous achievement of actually producing an album as a hearing impaired artist.

And so, to this end, I have decided to explore the possibilities for 9 places within which to Song Meditate and Chant my new album, a song for each space. I want the spaces to be extraordinary places of spiritual connection, so if you have any ideas, it would be so cool if you could please drop me a line via my website.

What I have learnt from this is, that even in moments of complete darkness, we can be assured that the light is ever present.

Woman Needs a Temple Album Launch

It wasn't your ordinary kind of Album Launch. There was venue, no guests, no press release, no fancy marketing, just me and my open heart, letting the bird out of the cage, to fly off to wherever it is supposed to. It will be interesting to see if anyone even notices.

This album is so much more than a collection of Song Meditations. For me, it is a celebration of the almost impossible. Truthfully, I didn't think I would ever record an album again. Not after losing my hearing, my head swamped with tinnitus 24/7 and even my own voice distorted by hyperacusis, but by dedicating myself to a daily practice of chanting, creativity and self care, I have learnt how to sing without hurting my ears, found instruments that soothe instead of soar, developed recording techniques to capture personal moments of inner peace, so that I may lovingly share them with you, because perhaps, in the nourishing of my own temple, I can help you to hear and to heal yours'.

So, you see, I didn't need a fancy launch to blow air into my ego, for this piece of work is the complete opposite of that. It is me and my beautiful imperfections because they are what makes me human. Our authentic scars are what shapes us, carving us into the belly of truth.

I am small, and yet, I am the Universe.

All love to you, dear ones. May your day be blessed with a myriad of moments that bring joy to your heart and fan the light of your soul.