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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Preparing for Lazzmataz Book Fair

My dear friend, fellow author and musician, Lazarus Carpenter is doing a remarkable thing this weekend. He is holding his AMAZING annual Music Festival in The Castle Hotel in Llandovery, but for tomorrow, he has organised a Book Fair, which I am very happy to be a part of.

 There's lots to do today, in getting ready to go. First of all, what on Earth am I going to wear! 

I am plumping for something loose, cool and cotton. I have new shoes for the occasion, which could be disastrous if they blister. 

It can be a long day at a Book Fair, even though I'll probably be sat down for most of it, so I am going to throw in my good old flat sandals, just in case.

Talking of sitting, I have decided to take my canvas chair with me. It is very comfortable and the colours are very jolly, so when I am not sitting in it, it will look lovely.

Ah yes, and what books to take?

I was going to just take my Children's Books. I have 3 new stories to launch ...

But then I decided to take some of my other books, too. I have about 62 different ones to choose from ... These 2 are written in collaboration with older people living with dementia and raise funds for my work at Sound Memories Radio, so I'll defo take them along.

And then I thought I would take these 2 books. I literally have a handful left of the Special Edition run I did last Summer.

And I am going to take the only sheet music I have ever published, notated for me by my close friend, the late Susan Berry. It will be as if she is with me, in some small way. She would have loved the Book Fair, chatting to everyone, maybe playing her harp.

And I might put a few of these guided meditation booklets out, too.

These are 2 books from way back when I first started Parlour Press Publishing  ... 

I have had some little Special Offer price fliers made for my children's books so peeps know the prices. 

And all I need to do now is a last minute blog about it (which you are reading), share this on my facebook and insta, do my best to drum up some support for all of us that are preparing today to load our cars an pootle off to Llandovery early tomorrow morning to unpack and make our book stalls look lovely for you. There'll be lots of authors of all types there, live readings, storytelling and Spoken Word. 

If you love books , stories & poetry, if you'd like to chat with authors about their work, publishing and the joys of writing ... then come along, you'll have a great time.

Right, best iron my dress ... see you there, folks.