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Cheryl Beer
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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Chanting at Gors Fawr Standing Circle

Have you ever been to Gors Fawr Standing Stones & Stone Circle? It's in Pembrokeshire and the crazy thing is, you can literally just pull up and walk across the land, anytime, to be with the Standing Stones. 

The view is breath taking! Connect and look towards the Bluestone Mountains of Pembrokeshire, where archeologists have recently found the actual spot from where Stonehenge was carved. How on earth they got those huge stones out of there is beyond any of us, but they did. I suppose when a group of people come together with a deeply spiritual purpose, they can achieve anything, whether that be now or 4000 years ago.

I love to go to Gors Fawr to chant ancient mantra that is 4000 years old. There is a great synergy in that for me. Sometimes, I actually chant into the stones themselves, just to remind them that we are still here.

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