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Cheryl Beer
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Monday, 15 June 2020

Aham Prema : I am Divine Love

If there is one thing that the pandemic has shown me, and there are many, it is that I must live what I desire to be in my heart - for it is this that the Universe needs from any of us, otherwise, why would we have these desires? 

With this intention pounding in my chest, I took the plunge and started recording mantra videos, ringtones, extended meditations ~ because I know first hand how healing a daily practice of chanting is, and if it can heal me, then for sure, it can help you, too. 

The mantra I am chanting in the video above, is Aham Prema, an ancient Sanskrit mantra meaning I am Divine Love. It really resonates with me. When things are getting tough, I remember that I am part of the whole love, the Divine love, the energy that is.

I'll be launching my new website in July, but for now, why not come on over to my new facebook page & keep up with me behind the scenes. It will be lovely to connect with you.

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