Friday, 8 March 2019


Today is International Women's Day. With deep respect, I light candles for all women to honour and sustain the flame at our core and I pray for those women whose struggle is still, so great. 

My small, humble offering to you, on this day, is recorded in my studio, during the Song Meditations that have become my personal therapy: Woman Needs A Temple.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

The Best Careers Advice

When I first started learning to write, it was in pencil. Then, once my writing had become 'good enough' I was promoted to pen. At first, it was ink, pouring poems & points to remember but then, Mr Biro took the 70's by storm. From pens on necklaces to hang around our neck to 4 tone pens at the flick of a switch, we were tooled up for writing but it made no odds, for there is no pen greater than the imagination. 

Today, my fingers race around the keyboard or my index finger is tap, tap, tapping on the phone screen, writing stories with and for children, but nothing can replace the delicious ease of pencil to paper or the luxury of ink soaked stories.

Who could have known back then, at such a young age, that my obsession with writing stories, poems and songs would become my life. It is a real lesson. 

If you are lost as to which career to choose, the best advice of all, is to explore what made you happy as a child. What made your heart skip, when were you most content, for this above all things, is what should fill your days. If you loved to be outside as a child, go outside, see how that feels. If you loved to lose yourself in books, if you loved gardening, baking, playing with hair, making doll's clothes, painting ... whatever it was, follow this calling, even as an experiment and see if it connects you to a place you remember.

My Nan would say, 'Be Happy, love, life is short,' and only now do I understand. There is no room in our lives for following anything other than our heart  ... 

The Little Girl who Tip Toed to the End of the Earth

Meet The Little Girl who tip toed to the end of the Earth, looking for the more that she's been searching for. 

This Thursday, on World Book Day, she'll be on my shiny new website talking to you about her book, yes, that's right, we've been sprinkling magic on our book covers so that they come to life and are able to talk with you, themselves. How exciting! is where I'll be housing all my new innovative work in partnership with children, empowering them to mindfully address those things that concern them the most, with stories and storytelling: In just 4 sleeps, The Sleeping Storyteller: A Child Led Story Book Company goes live, HERE! 

On World Book Day, I'll be out and about on a Libraries Tour in Carmarthenshire, meeting lots of children & having great fun, celebrating books & then going live on facebook in the evening. You're welcome to join me ... 

Have a lovely day, dear ones.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Launching A Child Led Book Company on World Book Day ...

This is my new child led & child friendly explainer video for the Official Launch of The Sleeping Storyteller on World Book Day. Please feel free to watch and share.

It's been quite a journey, which all started with me and Jeff sketching out new logo ideas at Christmas for The Sleeping Storyteller, based on feedback from the children at Brynnau Community Primary School, who fell in love with Angharad, my old Welsh Rag doll.

The Head, my lovely friend Vanessa Mccarthy, kindly suggested that I place more of an emphasis on Angharad in the stories and I took this on board, giving us the idea to base our logo designs on Angharad.

I then took our sketches to C'aer Felin Community Primary School to an Author's User Group that I had set up and they kindly gave me some important feedback, advising me to keep everything hand drawn rather than graphics of photographic. They chose the sketched artwork over the graphic design or photographic representation. 

I then double tested this response at Penygaer Community Primary School, whose feedback was the same.

And I go to these lengths because it feels really important that a Book Company focused on Storytelling & Mindfulness for Children, needs to empower children mindfully, at its very core philosophy, as well as in each of the decisions made along the journey about content & design.

You can see the full Child Led Feedback Report at my website when it launches on World Book Day March 7th ... be sure to pop by ... 

A Lifetime of Applied Story

Over the last 30 years, I have had the great privilege to work with many 1000's of children & grown ups, through Applied Storytelling, Health & Well Being, be it through song, music, poetry, storytelling, creative arts, drama, the central tenet has remained the same; changing the world, one story at a time.

But actually, I learnt the power of story in terms of changing how a person feels, a very long time ago, before I even realised that was what I was doing. 

Let me take you back in time ... I was about 11 years old & I asked if I could help out at Sunday School. I'd been going to St.Mary's church since I was 5. Mum says I just started asking to go. No-one in my family went, but I got it into my head that Sunday School was for me. It became a long term part of my life throughout my childhood & teenage years.

Anyway, I digress, so, at 11, I started helping out with the little ones at Sunday School by reading them bible stories from Ladybird books. I was allowed to take the books home to read & pretty soon, I knew the stories, inside out & didn't need the books anymore.

I began finding ways to include the children, twigging that the more participative I made the story, the more engaged with me the children were. We had little colouring books, started collecting story stamps,  acted out the scenes ... pretty soon, all the children wanted to  come and listen to my Storytelling not because of me, but because of how the session made them feel. I instinctively knew, even at this age, how to apply story in a way that made children feel better about themselves; or to put it another way, to feel happier.

I suppose in many ways, I have come full circle, except now I have the benefit of a whole lifetime of adventure & experience, research & spirituality in this country, India, Africa & across Europe ... I bring with me my expertise in mainstream health, my academic research, as well as my training in holistic therapies, topped off with a passion to change the world, making it a brighter place with stories, one tale at a time ♡♡♡

And now, I am getting ready to launch The Sleeping Storyteller, A Child Led Story Book Company that also offers training to Grown Ups, sharing my legacy, my life's work. I do this for 3 main reasons. 

First, because the children in my Author User Groups said that they found adults 'too stressed and worried'  wishing they could 'be more calm ...' 

 ... Because teachers and Heads said they did not quite know how to deal with the increase in stress and anxiety shown by children in primary education ...  

... and because we have known since time began, that children learn from us. If we can dream a more mindful life for our children, we need support ourselves, so that we can learn  how to give that example.

To find out more about my courses in detail, please make a note of March 7th, World Book Day and come see my new website when it goes LIVE.

Have a lovely day and remember, you hold the key to how your story plays out today ...

Artwork by Jeff & Cheryl Beer

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Sleeping Storyteller: A Child Led Story Book Company.

Changing the World One Tale at a Time

It's all starting to feel very real now! The Official Launch of The Sleeping Storyteller: A Child Led Story Book Company, is nearly upon us, March 7th on World Book Day and I have dedicated the whole of myself to getting everything ready. From distributing books to 18 library services, organising a Children's Library Tour, making child friendly explainer videos to running Child Led User's Groups, it's truly a hub of fun and joyous activity ...

... and it is thanks to my Focus Groups that there is a new dimension taking root in The Sleeping Storyteller ...  children told me that they find the adults in their life 'stressed' and would like them to be 'more calm'. This, coupled with feedback from teachers and Heads, has motivated me to to write 3 new training courses which will all be revealed on March 7th ... 

Sharing my wisdom feels like my legacy. A body of work to change the world, one tale at a time. I'll tell you the story of why I think that is, in my next blog.

So, for now, tootle pip and be sure to make a date for the Official Launch, where you can catch me on facebook live talking about all the exciting things lined up, at 7.00pm March 7th.

Bye for now, dear ones.
Artwork by Cheryl & Jeff Beer

Friday, 18 January 2019

Happy Winnie the Pooh Day

'You go up to bed and I'll come and read you a story,' my lovely Mum would say, and I'd shoot up the stairs, got washed and tucked up before she could say 'Winnie the Pooh.' As she took me to this other place, I imagined myself deep in the 100 acre woods, playing pooh sticks. 

I LOVE Pooh. If you want a lesson in mindfulness and living in the now, read Pooh. And today, on Pooh day, I have been working on my own new Collection of children's stories. Before Christmas, I release 5 teeny, tiny story books to go with my new TV Series and they flew out of the door. My lovely husband and I spent every waking moment making up postal boxes and wrapping up books. The first batch sold out in just 3 days and by Christmas, I had ordered 4 batches!

I realised that this is exactly how I want to spend my life. Writing Children's Stories and making teeny tiny books. I have so many amazing things that have happened since I stepped into this whirlwind and if you'd like to stay up to date, I talk about them on my group page @ facebook. You can come and join my page HERE if you like. It will be beautiful to see you.

So, like Pooh, I am letting myself embrace the next 'grand adventure' and loving every moment. Thanks Pooh, for opening my heart at such a young age, to the idea that stories can heal us.