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Cheryl Beer
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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

A Poem to Help Parents & Teachers Broach the Subject of Grief with Children

I've had a few requests to write about the loss of a loved one, dying & grief to help grown ups broach the subject in a loving & mindful way with children, so I have written this poem called: 'On the day that Mummy died.' ♡♡♡ 

I run a children's story company, writing alternative endings to the things that concern children the most, as well as poems and stories about the things that can be tricky to talk about ...

CHANT - 108 cycles of bliss

This week, I tentatively put my website live to iron out any of the gremlins in the run up to the BIG launch in June. I have created a set of beautiful mantra for you to chant along with, in the ancient tradition of 108 cycles, and there are free soundbites of these available for you - just click the link above.

I have also opened a CHANT facebook page and invited those who would be so kind as to give me feedback to join me there. I am posting marketing materials and the like ... as a thankyou, anyone who joins will receive a 50% off gift voucher for my Chanting for Beginners Course when it launches on the Summer Solstice. Click the link below to join us there... 

If you would like full details of what I am up to, why not pop alone to my website by clicking the link below ...  Namaste

International Women's Week in Video ...

Oh my Goodness me! What a celebration it has been. International Women's Week started on Saturday for me, when I won an Equality Award for my Radio Series 'Remarkable Women'. So many AMAZING women, totally inspiring & a honour to be a tiny part of it. Here's a 60 second insight into the Event.

Then, my second Radio Series  launched with my Special Guest Cheryl Bass & music composed by Kate Strudwick on Sunday March 8th ... 'Remarkable Women' International Women's Day


On Sunday night I decided to experiment with sensuality & mantra ... making this little video.

And tonight, Tuesday, I went to my first ever Women's Business Networking Event I AM WOMAN - and the Director, Cheryl Bass, had me up to do a talk - I fell apart, my legs went like jelly, but I am so glad I did it. Thank you Cheryl. I met some AMAZING women & unbelievable contacts.

Who knows what the rest of the week may bring!

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