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Saturday, 29 June 2013

On the same line up as Ballet Cymru!


What an absolute treat to be on the same line up as Ballet Cymru!
I don't think there are many musicians
that can say that! :)
I sat in the front row to watch the headline act, Ballet Cymru, who had travelled down to Milford Haven to give us an insight into Romeo & Juliet!
WOW!! It was absolutely breath taking!
 I filmed it on my mobile fone so the quality is not what it could be ... but I just had to give you the chance to see what I saw!
Well done to the team at Arts Care Gofal Celf for bringing such amazing dance out into the community!! I take my hat off to you!! A cracking event all round! So much hard work, so many amazing opportunities for the community to share all levels and genres of dance, as well as workshops. Roll on D14!!

Cheryl Beer & LegaC Contemporary Dance Troop at D13


As you know, The Dragon Tree took up a great deal of my life over the last year. One of the groups that joined me on that journey was LegaC Contemporary Dance Troop, funded by Arts Care Gofal Celf.
The girls did a wonderful dance to my Mermaid Scales piece, based on the rhythm of sign language and we filmed it down on a private beach at my friend's farm Morfa Isaf.
After the Dragon Tree funding had finished and the initial tour ended, the troop asked me if I would come with them to D13 Dance Festival and sing Mermaid Scales live with them.
What a treat and a great way of saying thank you to them for all their incredible work & to thank the wonderful Laura Jenkins, who is the Dance Development Manager, currently on maternity, and Zosia Jo who co-choreographed the pieces and is now covering Laura's role at Arts Care Gofal Celf.

I sang live with them on stage and it felt amazing, but to be honest, whilst performing it was hard to see the whole picture.
They had also choreographed a piece of their own about The Body Politic to one of my older tracks called French Baguettes which was a song co-written with Jeff Beer from my Award Winning Album Little Fish: Bare Bone Songs back in the late 1990's.
Well, I can not tell you how absolutely awe inspiring it is to watch a group of young women dance to one of your songs!! I wept at the end. And to be honest, when I watch it back, I weep every time!! Mostly I think because I have watched these young women grow so beautifully as dancers and as people over the last few years, and it is so very moving to watch someone else's interpretation of your work, through another genre.
Thank you, thanks a million, no, thanks a squillion to LegaC and even more so to Arts Care Gofal Celf who are genuinely making a difference to the arts community, visibly building self worth via the arts and creating a platform for all artists to come together and collaborate. BIG respect!

Split Blogging

I have decided to split my blogging!
As you will have seen in the last post, I have started a new blog called The Tethered Fairy Ring and this will be dedicated entirely to my own journey in creating this new production, from now through to the performance tour ... so it will be a bit like the journey we have just taken with The Dragon Tree. In fact, the new storyline dove tails out of The Dragon Tree. You can find out all about it by going over  and becoming a member of The Tethered Fairy Ring ...
So, what about this blog? Well, this blog will become the place where I write about all the other things that are going on in my life!! All my community work, collaborations, performances and arts experience outside of the sacred space of The Tethered Fairy Ring ... It will be my personal perspective on being a freelance artist of many genres, in many different settings ...
I suppose this blog is a community 'me' ... a 'we' me! Whereas my creative work for The Tethered Fairy Ring is my very private and personal creative space, a space that I found out I need in my life, through my Fusion Inspire journey. It is not new for me to combine all the arts in which I am involved, to inspire others ... it is new for me to make space to ensure that I can work in all those mediums to inspire myself ... and I want to keep that space in a very safe place ... and where safer than inside a fairy ring!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Welcome to The Tethered Fairy Ring ...


Hello folks!
Very excited to tell you about my BRAND NEW BLOG where I'll be embarking on a new creative journey!! I'm busy setting all the wheels in motion but truth is, it just seems to be happening, which is a truly beautiful feeling, a feeling I would like to share with you, so please come over and see what's happening at The Tethered Fairy Ring ...