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Cheryl Beer
Award Winning Creative Director making social change through the mediums of sound, story & mantra

Saturday, 2 January 2016


So excited! I started writing my new book on New Year's Eve. It is formulated in my head as a whole already and every morning for the last month when I have woken in my menopausal stupor at 3.00am, I have lain thinking on it, breathing it, falling back to sleep slowly with it seeping into my bones.

It's time to immerse totally, in that wonderful feeling of being focussed only on the creativity.

Paper even recycled is not appropriate for this book. I need a paper like material that I can write on that is eco- friendly ... I'm so interested to hear if you can think of anything.

And I have also booked into a one to one book making day to learn how to hand stitch books so that I can do a completely hand made limited edition ...

And this my friends, is living my dream.


Friday, 1 January 2016


And here it is folks ... 
our beautiful collaborative meditation of 
Sand Art & Mantra

Sean Corcoran, The Art Hand
Bunmahon, Ireland

Cheryl Beer, Sound Memories
Carmarthenshire, Wales

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