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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Woman Needs a Temple at People Speak Up, Ffwrnes Fach, Zion Chapel

Had a great time interviewing Eleanor Shaw at Ffwrnes Fach where she has founded the Award Winning People Speak Up

Eleanor's contribution will be aired at Oystermouth Radio as part of my Series 'Woman Needs a Temple' where she will be joining the conversation about human spirit & well being by talking about Storytelling.

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NEW PODCAST: Woman Needs a Temple: Conversations About the Human Spirit & Well Being. Episode 1

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Woman Needs a Temple: Conversations about the Human Spirit & Well Being: ARTS & CRAFTS

Very pleased to announce that my Special Guest on my show at Oystermouth Radio next week n 2nd December is my dear friend, Caroline Lane who will be joining the conversation about the Human Spirit & Well Being by talking with us about her passion for crafts, in particular WOOL and how it changed her life. She'll also tell us about her company Hembra Crafting and how she helps others re-tell their yarn through crafting.

NEW RADIO SHOW: Conversations about the Human Spirit & Well Being

Oh my days, my new Radio Series just launched at Oystermouth Radio and will air every Sunday at 7.00pm for the next 6 weeks. I am so thrilled. 

I feel so blessed to have such inspirational guests who will be joining me, women who have moved me by their dedication to help others through their own practice. It feels important to create a platform for them to share their story because it may help others listening to think of new ways of lifting their own spirit. Above all things, this is what makes the long hours of filming and editing worthwhile.

I have recorded the entire series on my phone and a tiny hand held tascam recorder. Despite my hearing impairments, I have managed to edit the radio shows and podcasts by myself, allowing space for the women to simply 'be' and truly shine. It is my deepest desire that everyone who listens, is able to take something from it for themselves.

Dates for your diary ... every Sunday at 7pm from 24th November onwards - full details at including links to Oystermouth Radio & Welsh Connections.

Week 1: We launch with My Story & Introduce the series.

Week 2: my special guest is Caroline Lane talking about how she turned her crafting into a workshops that help others

Week 3 is Shamanic Healer Willow Jordan about her work at Driftwood Hollow Therapies

Week 4 is Kiera L Jones, Soul Midwife and Nurse at Skanda Vale Hospice

Week 5 is Eleanor Shaw giving us a personal insight into how Storytelling helped her to heal and how she went on to set up the Award Winning People Speak Up

Week 6 is Ger Kennedy, renowned Artist from Ireland, telling the story of her artwork, which she kindly gave me permission to use as my album cover artwork.
Oystermouth Radio

Friday, 1 November 2019

Woman Needs A Temple : The Human Spirit & Well Being

Most musicians will acknowledge that their work is a labour of love, but 'Woman Needs a Temple' is more than that to me. The making of this album over the last 2 years, has actually healed me and my deepest hope is, that it might help you to feel better, too ... 

After a 30 year career as a singer/songwriter, when I became suddenly hearing impaired 3 years ago, I seriously thought I would never make music again.

It was not so much the hearing loss that stopped me in my tracks, more the tinnitus and a lesser known condition, Hyperacusis, a crippling sound distortion which renders even my own voice as a distorted mini mouse on helium, scratching like nails down glass inside my head. Music and singing, the core of my being, became excruciatingly painful. So, I completely stopped  I used to describe it as being in a beautiful garden, but constantly being stung by wasps ... you'd soon stop wanting to be in that garden, no matter how beautiful. In many ways, by being silent, I stopped being me. Having said that, it left space for me to see who I really am, a sometimes painful process.

After about 9 months, I began to yearn for singing, to feel my voice in my body, to 'be' what the Universe had put me here to be.  So, very gently, I started chanting ancient healing mantra in Sanskrit. It had always been my passion. I first learnt mantra in an Indian orphanage where I volunteered as a musician and storyteller about 20 years ago, the children taught mantra to me on the roof top during bajans. As I chanted, so my cells started to hear me. I didn't need my ears to FEEL my soul sing again.

I couldn't play my trusty old guitar, because moving my fingers on the strings was far too painful for my ears, so I visited a handpan maker and brought home an instrument that matched my hearing tolerances ... 

SOUL INK is the first song that came to me through my meditative journey with the handpan. My Daily Practice of Meditation by Chanting had begun, and with it, came more and more healing songs ... 

I found my quiet voice. I had been a bit of a belter. I think we all were in the 80's. PA systems weren't what they are now and you had to sing your lungs out to be heard over the drummer. I found that if I sang really quietly, I could hear myself without distortion. You try singing really quietly, it's not as easy as it sounds. I learnt how to use every muscle in my body, linked with the chakra, to channel the energies to my quiet voice, becoming intimate with breath and placing.

And then, one day, I got my guitar out of the case, just to look at. OK, so I couldn't change chords because of the painful noise, so ... why not play without changing chords, using the guitar as a drone. I couldn't strum anymore, it was too loud, so I picked the strings; I couldn't play the higher notes as they distorted, so ... I didn't! Slowly, I began to celebrate what I could still do instead of mourning for what I couldn't and these small joys became my Daily Healing Practice, re-connecting me to a sense of joy.

Once I had accepted myself for who I was in the now, more songs came, giving my meditation shape and form and I could feel myself healing from the inside, out.

And now, I am sharing that healing with you ... 

If you would like a copy of my new album Woman Needs a Temple, it is available as a pre-order at my website

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. This is just the beginning. Come back soon and find out what happened next ... here's a clue!

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