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Cheryl Beer
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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dinosaurs in the Rhigos Mountain

Truth is a good place from which to build a story ...

This chap is an Iguanadon & he lived in the Rhigos Mountains in a pre-historic time. Indeed, his ancient bones could well be entwined within the limestone of our Sacred Stones formed in the Ice Age. 
The very stones sent as disciples from the Universe herself, to educate her people about her beauty & magnificence; a beauty & magnificence that can not be measured in quantifiable terms, that can not be bought with pound coins, but a majesty so great that those whom live beneath her shadows and bask in the same sun as she, will always have gold in their hearts.

And now the Head teacher tells of how excited the children are to find out this about the place where they live and teachers are enthused to bring their photographs from the Rhigos peak, into school.

And what's more we are all going to Dan Yr Ogof caves to see our Iguanadon as he would have lived.

Yes indeed, the truth is a very good place from which to build a story, because sometimes, simply knowing who we are can change everything.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Moving Mountain Tour Dates

'Moving Mountain'

A Sharing of Inspirational Story & Mantra

With Cheryl Beer

If you would like Moving Mountain at your Event, please contact

May 9th: Gather Event at Morfa Isaf Farm, Ceredigion
 May 14th: Dylan Thomas Boat House, Laugharne as part of the
 Inaugural Celebration of International Dylan Thomas Day

May 22nd: Penpych Sacred Stone Circle as part of the launch of 
The Children's Dragon Tale Trail

June 3rd: Special Guest at WORDS The Art Hand, Bunmahon, Ireland 

July 2nd-5th: The Promenade Festival, Tramore, Ireland

Sacred Stones of the Rhigos Mountain

Oh my word! If you read my earlier post about the Sacred Stones of the Rhigos Mountain and I how I managed to move them through the power of mantra (and help from my dear friend and colleague Head Teacher Patricia Price, Oh and the contractor with the truck and the cherry picker, Oh and the staff team who took the delivery) then you'll be as excited as I am that THEY HAVE ARRIVED!! The above photo is the actual ancient stone installation. I am in school Monday and will take more pictures but I just can't wait to run our Story Telling Course from here in May with children and parents.

Totally inspired by the whole experience I am also currently putting together a new interactive live performance of story and digital images called Moving Mountain: Story & Mantra and will be launching the story at Morfa Isaf Farm, Llangrannog at The Gather Event on May 9th.

Following this, on May 29th, the story will return to The Sacred Stone Circle at PenPych Community Primary  School to launch The Dragon's Tale Trail before heading off to WORDS Spoken Word Event to share the Story at The Art Hand in Ireland on the evening of June 3rd.

I'll then be taking 'Moving Mountain' back to Ireland on July 4th for The Promenade Festival in Tramore.

If you would like to book my performance of 'Moving Mountain' for your Event. please feel free to contact me on:


Thursday, 2 April 2015

I am so excited that my new Spiritual & Creative Venture is receiving so much support.

In just the first hour of going live 111 people have viewed it already.

My friends, thank you so much for your support.
It means the world to me!