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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Radio Dates

Catch me chatting about The Dragon Tree on Radio Oystermouth with Michael Kennedy at 6.00pm on Monday 7th January 2013.

The the Acoutic Show with Stuart Loosemore at Radio Tircoed at 8.00pm on Friday 11th January

15th January I'll be live with Alison Lennihan on her Women's Bits show at Radio Tircoed

Sunday 3rd Feb between 11am and 12pm I'll be with Andrew Cross and Pratik Barman at Radio BRfm

I'll also be with Radio Pembrokeshire but we haven't confirmed the date yet ...

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life is a funny old thing!

Funny old thing, life. Fragile in fact.
Christmas day, a member of my family had a stroke and our plans to spend Christmas editing and finishing were scuppered!
When someone you love has an encounter with a serious illness, it can put things into perspective.
Fusion Inspire has been my life this year and I have loved every minute of it but nothing is more important than caring for those whom you love.
So here I am, back at home on my jack jones, editing the credits for the film and going to bed with another edit read through ... when actually, I should be out dancing with the moon and thanking the powers that be that one of my loved ones is home and on the mend.

Next month the tour starts. I had been quite stressed about it, but now I embrace it.
What a joyous thing to be able to do; to bring a year's worth of creative journey and share it in wonderfully beautiful places.
See YOU there my friends!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well, there I was thinking I had finished the films! lol! Have been working on the credits and tidying them up but the major bulk of the work is done, PHEW!

But today is Christmas day ... (MERRY CHRISTMAS btw) the day I promised myself I would take off and rest .. and I have tried!

I opened pressies (thanks everyone) and made a massive pile of every vegetable you can imagine (veggie dinner) and then ... mmm .... errr... ummm ... got a bit bored so have decided to finish my hand made personal invites.

I painted them on my retreat and now I'm printing out, cutting and sticking the insides of them.

I'm starting to get excited now!!!

So, if you would like to receive a hand made personal invite, I would love to send you one. I

'm so touched by how many people have viewed my blog throughout this journey and so if YOU are reading this and YOU would like to come and my special guest ... just send me your land address by email at and I will put a hand painted hand made invite in the post to you.

Happy New Year to you and I hope you're also making the most of this quiet down time the festive period brings with it ...

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Working Christmas

Foto's taken whilst returning from recording dolphins at New Quay

HOORAH! Finished all the films! and they all link together now as one piece with the music and narration ...

To be honest I am running behind schedule and would like a few extra months before my tour kicks off but that isn't possible.

The first exhibition starts in the Gallery of The National Botniac Garden of Wales on 21st January and the first live performance and film showing is also at the Garden on 26th January!

I can't believe that's only weeks away! But I rather cleverly, it would seem now, kept my diary clear to focus full time on finishing everything between now and then.


I'm really looking forward to being home for Christmas so I can tie up all the loose ends. I want to finish the book that goes with the production cos it makes sense to launch this at the same time.

Also I have been thinking today about the film credits and I want to do something a bit different so have been sketching out ideas and I think I will make a credits film so that it's a personal thanks to all the amazing people who have taken part in Fusion Inspire: The Dragon tree rather than a rolling list of names.

This will mean making another film but I think it will be worth the extra work to do something challenging. I have promised myself that 25th December is a rest day but I my head can not stop thinking about everything I need to do so it's best to just do it so I can have some peaceful sleep.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Graffiti Time Lapse Edited!

You know, in my life I do lots of amazingly creative and fabulous things but it is the moments like this morning that add the cherry to my wonderfully iced cake!
I found on the doorstop, in a jiffy bag .. the TIME LAPSE film of my Dragon Tree Spray at The National Botanic Garden of Wales with Lloyd Roberts & the children of Bigyn & Johnstown primary schools

The film was made by Darren Boxer and Susan Plant and it absolutely blew my socks off!
Thank you both so much.
You will never know how wonderful it was to see my vision come to life.

You can see the end film as part of my
Dragon Tree Production
which launches at
The National Botanic Garden of Wales
on 26th January.
I have a Dragon Roots Arts Installation
in the Gallery
from 20th January
and will also be performing some of the sound tracks from the film live, with dancers
on the 26th in The Marquee
before the film showcases.
If you can't make this date, I will be then taking the whole production to
St.David's Cathedral
Oriel Y Parc and
The Cwrt House
on February 16th ...
Then to
St.Cadoc's Church.
Trevethin on 28th February
After this date my funding from the Arts Council of Wales ends, but I have already been invited to tour The Dragon Tree films with live vocals in Ireland and Italy during 2013
If you would like to book the Film Exhibition with live vocals and/or the welsh language arts installation into your venue please feel free to drop me a line ...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Planting the Dragon Tree: Wall Art

What an incredible day!!
It's very hard to explain what it feels like when an idea turns into a plan and then happens!
Today, Artist Lloyd Roberts came to The National Botanic Garden of Wales. I had sent him the design brief for The Dragon Tree.
He started mapping out his design based on my brief on the Education Room walls in The Great Glasshouse. He's such a good sport! You'll notice I made him do the entire 8 hour shoot dressed in the key costume links of our Dafydd character! Hat, scarf and braces!
Darren Boxer and Susan Plant set up the lighting and the camera to take what will be 25 images a second to condense the whole day into 6 minutes of time lapse film to be used in the final production with my other films.

20 children arrived with their teachers: 10 from Bigyn Primary and 10 from Johnstown Primary School.


We divided into teams and the children set to work filling in the allocated coloured spaces on the wall.

After they had left, Lloyd did all the outlining and final touches

We had barely time to think as the caretaker needed to lock up so we cleaned up and skidaddled out of there in the stillness of the dark night.

MASSIVE thankyou's
The National Botanic Garden of Wales
Lloyd Roberts
Darren Boxer
Susan Plant
Bigyn Primary School
Johnstown Primary School
The Arts Council of Wales for my Individual Mainline Grant enabling the whole happening
... But  you know what ... thank you to ME!! Yes, little old me, for pulling it off.


And tonight, I will fall fast asleep very quickly... and dream about a little girl from nowhere who today had the design brief of her new production planted as a seed to grow on the walls deep inside The Great Glasshouse of The National Botanic Garden of Wales and that makes me smile, it makes me proud, it makes me take a sharp intake of breath, it makes me pleased that I am me!


After hours and hours and days and days and weeks of compiling, re-compiling, finalising and starting again ... we finally have the end versions of ALL the soundtracks!!!! HOORAH!!!!!