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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Angels, Ghosts or Purple Orbs at Carreg Coetan Arthur?

In this post, I will describe the overwhelming experience we had whilst chanting ancient mantra at Carreg Coetan Arthur and present the possibilities for you to decide what you think these purple shaped dove-like orbs that appeared while I was chanting ancient mantra, might be.

'This can't be it' I said, but we pulled over the car and trusted the road signs.

Tucked at the end of a private dead end road, with houses and gardens and folk having Bar -B- Ques, is the ancient monument, Carreg Coetan Arthur.

Undeterred by the ordinariness of the location, I took myself and my shruti box through the gate and was immediately stopped in my tracks by the majesty of the ancient stones.

When I first saw them, I felt consumed with love; I suppose I wasn't expecting their serene quality because of the location, but off course, this hasn't always been what this location has looked like.

Even though there were houses surrounding us behind the tall bush walls, there was a very still and timeless quality about the stones. It was as if we were in slow motion.

I felt drawn to sit with my back against the stone and chant quietly. I found myself chanting as quietly as I could and yet the sound seemed to reverberate.

I told Jeff that I could feel my voice vibrating in my back against the stone, my body becoming a chamber for my voice. I had never experienced anything like it before. As I sang it was as if the stones were becoming warm. I could feel a heat in my back, not raging, but slow building heat, a growing warmth from the bottom upwards.

'It sounds different,' Jeff said, 'sort of strange.' 

Jeff really isn't one to notice the 'sort of strange'. As an Engineer, he has a scientific answer to everything.

I carried on chanting the Universal Guru Mantra and became completely lost in the moment. I felt as though I were floating, yet stationary in the now. 

The Universal Guru Mantra is chanted in temples across the world and is said to have a quality about it that calls upon all the spiritual teachers and guides of the planet, for the good of the planet.

At Pentre Ifan, I had felt completely happy to sit and be with the stones in, under, on, around, but it was different here.

'Are you going inside?' Jeff asked.

'No ... I'm not.' 

At Carreg Coetan Arthur Burial Chamber, it just didn't feel right to do so.

'Wow that was intense.' Jeff said as I finished chanting.

And all of this gained in significance for us when we got back to base and looked at the photographs that Jeff had taken during our time there. 

All of these photographs are completely unedited.

He was Archiving my 3 Day Pilgrimage. This was our first day and we had taken over 400 photographs. These purple dove orbs only appeared from this point in the day.

Could it be that sitting with my back against 4000 year old stones, chanting with an open heart, a Universal mantra to sum up the spiritual teachers of the planet, when the sun is setting at just right the point at the ancient burial chamber of Carreg Coetan Arthur, I opened a channel to something so magnificent that it is beyond science, beyond explanation?

When we got home, I looked up orbs online. The world is in 3 minds over whether they are spiritual, paranormal or technical.

Let's think that through ... 

Off course, it could be that the camera is picking up a light source that we can not see with the physical eye, like the sun-rays that are also in the shot. But that doesn't mean that the sun rays are not there, just that the camera sees with a different eye to us. We know the sun rays are there, so we are happy to say, 'Oh, yes that's the camera picking up the sun rays.' 

But we feel less comfortable saying 'Oh Yes, that's the camera picking up a purple dove shaped orb.'

I looked up the alignment of ancient stones in relation to sunlight and indeed, it is well documented that the Ancients are likely to have placed stones in line with  astronomy connected to the sun and moon.

We were at Carreg Coetan as the sun was setting, perhaps this is exactly when the ancients would have come to the stones. 

The heat in the stone against my back, the vibration of my voice against the stone, perhaps I had by chance, turned up at the stones at exactly the time when they are their most healing?

Ah yes, but maybe it was a fault with the camera?

The purple orbs did appear one more time after Carreg Coetan Arthur, when we went back to Pentre Ifan and  I sat in the tomb chanting, we can see them again ...

And as Jeff says, 'Why are the orbs pointing at you when you chant? They could be anywhere in the picture, but they are always pointing at you'

 .... We went onto use the camera for the next 3 days at similar times in different sites and we have not had purple orbs since.

The fact is, that we felt something very deep before we'd even seen the pictures. We only saw the pictures when we got back to base camp and downloaded them. It is the coupling of how we felt and the pictures that makes us certain of what happened that day.

How you explain, interpret or understand our purple dove orbs, is off course, your choice.

The need to explain happenings is a modern western phenomenon. Instead, I am going to embrace the warmth placed in my body as a chamber for my voice, take it as a sign that chanting ancient mantra is most certainly, my calling.

A Fragrance from the Past at Pente Ifan

The first thing I noticed when we pulled up at Pentre Ifan was the smell. A fragrance so sweet and intoxicating that it might  lure the Queen bee from her hive. I couldn't work out what it was, but it made us quite heady.

We had a magical time at Pentre Ifan. It was quite early in the day so there were a fair few visitors/pilgrims there, from all over the world. 

I asked if anyone would mind if I chanted ancient mantra with my shaman drum and actually folk were quite excited by the prospect of it. I had an immediate 'audience' which is not what I had planned at all.

It's funny, but throughout my life as a musician, there has been an increasing pressure to provide venues with audience and I have found this quite distracting and stressful.

For me personally, I feel as though this target driven pressure has taken away some of the joy of performance. So worried am I that I hit someone else's target that I have felt myself slowly disconnecting with the sheer bliss that playing music for others gives us. 

But this gift given to me from the Universe at Pentre Ifan showed me how playing for and with an audience is very beautiful indeed. 

We had the most amazing time, everyone exchanged email addresses and I felt very blessed indeed to have shared the experience of chanting under the sun at Pentre Ifan.

As we all finally went back to our cars, chatting like old friends, I noticed that the hedges were laced with honeysuckle, and suddenly the intoxicating sweet smell of Pentre Ifan became clear. Could the honeysuckle be significant?

When we got back home I looked it up and guess what Scott Meyers (2016), one of the writers for Alternative Medicine, says about it ...  seems the Ancients knew a thing or two. 

'Honeysuckle is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in known history.
The flowers are traditionally used to make syrup that has been used as an expectorant for bad coughs, asthma, and as a diuretic. The syrup from honeysuckle flowers is still used to make medicinal syrup. 

The flower buds of the honeysuckle plant are also used to make herbal remedies. They are especially used to treat conditions that are thought to be caused by the summer heat. They are also thought to clear toxins from the body, and the "fire poisons" that may linger in the body. 

Honeysuckle flower buds are also thought to help alleviate the symptoms of some kinds of diarrhea. 

The stems of the honeysuckle plant are thought to be able to remove heat from certain acupuncture meridians by stimulating the flow of energy, or qi.' 

Could this honeysuckle, making the air sing with sweet nectar, in fact be 1000's of years old? Is it evidence of how these Ancient stones were used for healing by our ancestors?

We need to remember that for the ancients, arts and science were not separate. We have separated all these different subjects but for the ancients, the alignment of the planets, the medicinal purposes of sweet honeysuckle, the placing of stones, the chanting of mantra and the beat of the drum, were all one of the same thing.

Doubtless, deep within the soil,  our ancestors were laughing, smiling and feeling complete with us on that sunny late morning.

For sure, I knew I needed to return. I felt a deep desire to be at one with the stones, so we decided to return at a later time of day, on our return home at the end of our 3 Day Sacred Stones Pilgrimage.

You are the entire Universe in ecstatic motion
Why act so small?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Mantra - Reiki : The Sound of Love

Connecting to the Universal light of reiki love through the medium of Meditation Music, Mantra & Sacred Song, I  feel most blissfully alive and totally present. It is for me, undoubtedly, the Sound of Love, being part of the healing, Universal infinity that vibrates within our cosmos.

Chanting ancient mantra infused with the loving light of reiki, I have found my heart wondering about our most Ancient ancestors who passed onto us this blissful way to heal through music. 

Perhaps they would call it a gift, our magic. The thing that is uniquely us as part of the whole that is The Earth.

So, when I felt a deep desire to Pilgrimage to Sacred Stone Circles & Standing Stones placed by the Ancients 4000 years ago to chant mantra that was written 4000 years ago, I did not question why or where this idea came from. I just went with it, accepted it. 

And I am so glad I did because it has been just the most incredibly connecting experience in so many ways.

From the sheer majesty of the Preseli, to the sweet smell of honey suckle hedges, I could not have envisaged how heart consuming our 3 day Pilgrimage would be. 

In some ways I feel as though we have been away for months. I am so blessed that Jeff Beer came with me to help me Archive the journey. 

In the following blogs, you will read about some things that leave you with pressing questions and other heartfelt insights that give you long awaited answers.

Some of what happened during our Pilgrimage this week is quite literally in the realms of the mystical ...

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Meditation Musician Chants Ancient Mantra at Sacred Stones

I'll be giving a very personal insight into the magical, at times mysterious and completely earth connecting love affair that I had with Pembrokeshire this week ... meanwhile I've been asked for a press release ...  which is marvellous. Feel free to use this editorial in your publications &/or email if you'd like an interview : -

EDITORIAL Press Release:

Meditation Musician Chants Ancient Mantra at Sacred Stones

Carmarthenshire based Meditation Musician, Cheryl Beer celebrated the launch of her award winning 30 year career with a 3 day pilgrimage to Pembrokeshire's Neolithic Stone Circles & Standing Stones .

In a addition to running her Award Winning Project 'Sound Memories', a Dementia Friendly on-line Radio Station (, Cheryl is a Meditation Musician specialising in a fusion of Ancient Mantra & Reiki.

From singing on the Dreaming Stone at Gors Fawr, to creating a stone labyrinth at Cwm Yr Eglwys, from drumming in the sunset at Pentre Ifan, to chanting ancient mantra at Carreg Coetan Arthur, Cheryl has shared her Pembrokeshire Pilgrimage with literally 1000's of people online from around the world, via her facebook page and blog.

Cheryl said, 'To be so close to ancient stones, chanting in ancient Sanskrit, a language that is known to be 4000 years old and a distant cousin of Welsh language, at sites where pilgrims have travelled for many 1000's of years, seemed a fitting way to celebrate my own Musical Archive and exciting  transition into a new era of my career as a Qualified  Meditation Musician.'

To find out more, why not visit Cheryl's Music Archive at or read about her adventures in full at her blog Fusion Inspire: Journey through the Creative Mind ( where more than 50,000 people have visited to read about her creative adventures in West Wales. You can also visit her website

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

LOVING CIRCLES: A Sound Pilgrimage of Sacred Stones

As part of my vigil for Sacred Activism, it came to me in mediation that to truly honour the love of today and manifest Universal love for tomorrow, we must also honour the ancestors of our yesterdays. Those that lain a trail for us, who farmed our land, who chanted to our trees, who made offerings to the gods and understood the holistic nature of our Mother Earth: The Ancient Celtics.

This Weekend, I am embarking on a personal Pilgrimage of Sacred Stones right here on our doorstep, in West Wales, to play Music & Chant Ancient Mantra.

During my Sacred Activism, I have collected shells from the beaches and I will leave one in each of the stone circles, bringing the sea to the land in gratitude and loving thanks.

I have been a performer all my life. Not because I necessarily wanted to be, but because it seems that if you are passionate and make a life from music, our culture structures the way we do this through performance. But what is 'performance' and where is the authentic self within it? That's a rhetorical question that I have spent much time journeying with.

My sacred pilgrimage to Stone Circles to chant & play is an acknowledgement to self of the child that sang because it made her feel alive, the teenager that wrote songs as a catharsis, the human that longs to 'be' the mantra without constraint.

Therefore, rather than inviting folk to join me on this very personal journey, instead I am re-opening an ancient trail, so that you, yourself, might in your own time, chant love to sacred stones and leave offerings to those that came before us. In short, that you construct your own Sacred Activism.

I am Archiving my Pilgrimage as Jeff Beer has very kindly agreed to come with me to help on my quest.

Namaste, dear ones

Sacred Activism: Be Love

It's been a tough time the last couple of months trying to find a loving way to respond to the pain expressed by so many regarding our current political position. But during deep meditation the answer came to me. Be Love.

Yes, love is a verb, a doing word, we do love. Love is a lovely adjective but love is also a Noun! We can Be Love. 'I am love'

In response, I decided upon a 9 day quest of Sacred Activism. That is to say, being an activist for change through being love.

This started last Saturday at 9pm in my Sound Studio playing sound healing music infused with reiki and chanting healing mantra with Gong and shaman drum. 

I have invited my friends daily on facebook to leave their names and names of loved ones to receive reiki through loving light at 9pm.

What is happening is amazing. 

So many people have written to me. 

People want to Be Love

And what's more, others have been meditating and chanting to manifest love with me from their own homes at 9pm every evening.

So, it seems that if we want to change the world, we begin within. We 'Be Love' and then invite others to 'Be Love' with us.

Yesterday, in the shop, there was a man. He is one of the people that has written to receive reiki. He thanked me and said he had felt nothing at the time but much lighter and better today, when he woke up. He smiled such a beautifully deep loving smile. It absolutely made my day.

I am not talking about romantic love, or even the notion of human love on a day to day basis. I am talking about a Love that is fundamental to the Universe. 

We can see easy, the beauty in dolphins and the depth of the ocean, we wonder at the blue skies and winged birds, we marvel at flower petals and old oak trees. We are part of this love. I like to think of Universal love as the hidden mycelium that connects us all. A deep understanding of the magnificence and truly amazing nature of earthlings.

Have a beautiful day. If you would like me to include you in this evenings 9pm Distance Reiki & Sound Healing for Sacred Activism, feel free to email me
or leave a message on my facebook

Namaste, dear ones