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Cheryl Beer
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ukulele Heaven

Just had to show you these lovely photo's from Bigyn Primary School.
My day at the school was kindly funded by
Y Ffwrnes Theatre as part of
Ffocus Ffwrnes Family Fun Days
A whole team of us will be facilitating workshops at the Y Ffwrnes on
August 16th 17th & 18th
So why not come along ...
Many thanks to Rachel Murphy and Arts Care Gofal Celf for organising the workshops and including me in the line up. Great fun!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Come & Join The Tethered Fairy Ring

Would mean the world to me folks if you would come on over and join The Tethered Fairy Ring as well as this blog. I've started explaining the journey and how it links into this one.

Trust me, I'll be up to all manner of quirky fun out- there gubbings over at the fairy ring ...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Hafal Open Day

Foto by John Gilheaney
I've had an absolutely fabulous time at Hafal Open Day in Llanhilleth. How blessed am I in my work to have such fun doing it! Well done everyone for a great Day!
Earlier on this year I worked for 6 weeks with quite a large group of people who started attending Ukulele and Song writing with me funded by Head for Arts via Menu for Life and organised by the centre manager, Malcom, who is such a lovely chap.
I think is probably one of the resaons why Hafal feels like a great place to be. Like today, at the Open Day, there were all sorts of Hafal staff there from Regional Managers to smiley chaps in Bermuda shorts 'from Head Office' but no one walked around wearing their job title! Everyone mucked in, smiled and quite honestly, you wouldn't have known who was staff and who wasn't. This opens up a warm welcoming place for people to be, a place where the space is owned by the people who use the space, not the people who manage it, which is just the way I think it should be! In fact, I want to work with Hafal!
Anyways, we wrote 2 FAB songs this morning which we then performed when the Mayor and Councillors turned up ... the Mayor actually joined in, having been in a skiffle band himself in the 50's.
I LOVE skiffle having toured for some time with Lonnie Donegan, the King of Skiffle himself, not long before he passed away, bless him.
Anyways, the Mayor offered to show us how to play a plastic ashtray, which sadly we didn't have on us, but he will come back and teach everyone how to play it with a two pence piece!
So, thanks Hafal for providing such a wonderful service for people who find that they need extra help with their mental health. Thanks everyone for wanting me back so bad for the Open Day that you managed to get the funding! Thanks to my old friends and colleagues at Head For Arts for funding today via Menu for Life, thanks everyone for coming ...

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bit of Feedback

It's always lovey to hear what the children think and so we always give them evaluation forms ... but the Young Promoters at Pembroke Dock Community School gave me this fabulous card telling me what they will miss most about me now the contract has ended ...
And inside the card all these personal messages!!


Seems making children laugh and playing the ukulele is something they will remember about me and it touches my heart that me and my quirky li'l uke can bring such sunshine!

Young Promoters

For the last 6 weeks I have been working with Pembroke Dock Community School as a freelance Adviser with Night Out Scheme. I am one of 11 experienced practitioners who were trained 2 years ago by Night Out from around Wales and we support the community to put together committees of young people who host, promote and organise their own theatre. They learn all the back stage, behind the scenes things about the theatre and events.

Pembroke Community School were BRILLIANT young promoters! We went to Torch theatre for a visit and every week the children wrote an action plan to enable them to focus on getting all their jobs done before my next visit.
Consequently, Circus Berzercus SOLD OUT and we had an AMAZING evening!
Thank you to Pembroke Community School, especially Mrs Williams & Donna who worked tirelessly.
To Jo Brookman of Communities First who was fabulous.
To the Hilary Farr at the Night Out Scheme who manages Young Promoters and organises the underwriting of the show and the funding Young Promoters.
Thanks to all the VIP's, family & friends who bought tickets & came to support the show ...

But mostly thank you to the wonderful children who put 100% into making the evening a night to remember for their community.