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Cheryl Beer
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Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017: The Year of the Crone

The word 'crone' is of great interest to me. 

By definition, this single word  conjurs up for us an ' old, ugly hag' and yet, in the same spell, manifests a woman 'venerated for her knowledge, wisdom and experience.

We live in a culture that repeatedly insists we cling to youthful beauty, seeking out magic creams and potions to change the age of our skin.

However, when we come together, re-claiming the true magic of our crone-hood, stepping with joy into our full power, we can make great changes as we age together. 

We are more wise, more knowledgeable and can draw on our deepest depths of experience for the good of the planet. 

To my mind, this is true beauty.

Welcome 2017
The Year of the Crone

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Woman Needs a Temple

I am so excited to be spending time in my recording studio next week reflecting and focusing on my new collection of guitar based songs ... 'Woman Needs A Temple'

All the songs were written during or after my meditations at Ashrams and Temples, so they feel very much as if they were channelled through me.

They are sacred songs. I will take my time with them, nurture them, love them.

I have been preparing my recording space as if it were my temple, using beautiful crystals, that I was lucky to have from my dear friend, Debbie Lawrence, who is a Crystal Healer.

I have placed the crystals around my recording chair, lit candles and given myself permission to record what ever comes, warts and all. 

The circle of crystals transforms my chair into a Sacred Woman Temple, a Shakti Temple where I, as a woman, can step into my power. 

'Woman Needs a Temple' is not about perfection, it is about truth and recognition. A return to self but with the blessings of all the lessons I have been given along this journey.

Wherever you are, take time to create your temple, we deserve sacred space within which to 'be'.

The Blissful Agony of Transition

For some time, I have allowed my totem butterfly to be my muse, embracing creative experimentation, landing on different flowers, taking in the different views as I flit from one beautiful stem to the next and back again.

It has been a wonderful time of allowing self discovery ... or so I thought. For instance, I started designing Shaman Drums;

& was kindly commissioned to apply my new found skills to develop vegan friendly reiki drums & beaters. 

I attended my first Craft Fayre having made lots of crafty little things ...

I put together a new collection 'Flower of Life' framed paintings  ... and I convinced myself that all these things have been part of my creative process.

However, these past weeks, I have had a growing feeling that I need to think about why I have been allowing myself to be so distracted from my work as a musician.

The painful truth, I realised, is that by being the butterfly, drawn to the beautiful flowers, I have slowly forgotten all about my wings and I have come to realise it is these that make my heart fly, not flowers.

I am a musician, a songwriter, a poet, who writes short stories. I am left asking myself, when did I lose faith in my ability to make these creative dreams, my life & my living? When I think it through, it is ridiculous that I have more faith in my ability to create and sell vegan friendly drums, crafts & paintings than I do to write and sell songs! I have been writing published songs, poems & stories for 39 years! 

Over Christmas, I have spent some time reflecting on how this has happened and I am certain my erosion of self esteem, is in part related to my menopause, and more generally the effect that the social stereotyping associated with the ageing process has had on my sense of self. Certainly, I am treated differently now to when I was a younger woman. But more importantly, I feel differently about myself now. When I wasn't looking, my confidence in my ability to make a living from songwriting, music, poetry & story has become eroded. How have I have allowed this? 

But the great news is that now I understand what is happening, I can change it. I can re-build my self belief. I can re-live my dreams.

For 2017, I am setting an intention for intense focus on my work as a musician, singer/ songwriter, poet & short story writer. I currently have 5 unfinished projects to complete. How exciting!

I have won many awards for my songs, poems & stories over the last 30 years ... but this is not about what has been, it is how I feel about myself in the now; the birth of a new relationship to these gifts as a woman in transition, in such a way that by sharing my creative work & my journey, I not only realise my own dreams, but by sharing my music, songs, stories and poems, help others who have been feeling similarly lost, 

Sisters, we are not lost, we are being given this remarkable opportunity to grow. Mother Moon is creating an environment for us to love and nurture ourselves in the way we have done for others, for so long. Realising this feels like an awakening.

I am starting this new leg of my journey tomorrow by going to the woods and chanting mantra in gratitude to my womb, to nurture my aching ovaries and thank the earth for her continued motherhood. Namaste.

Monday, 21 November 2016


                                             Many Thanks to Gareth Davies on Sitar

Great News Folks! My wonderful collaborative new album The Mantra Experiments is now available to order. 

I am so grateful to all the wonderful musicians that volunteered with me to give our time and make this beautiful gift of love, so that you can immerse yourself in Mother Nature and the blissful journey of Mantra.

                                                    Many Thanks to Tim Shaw in Didgeridoo

The Mantra Experiments Album is a limited Edition Green Vinyl Effect CD with the covers being made at a Residential Home for Older People. The sales generate funds for Sound Memories Radio, a dementia friendly project that enables older people to share their life stories and listen to their local environment even if they can no longer go outside.

                                               Many Thanks to Shey Edlington on Handpan

Musicians that kindly joined me for The Mantra Experiments include Gareth Davies on Sitar, Tim Shaw on Didge, Shey Edlington on Handpan and Susan Berry on Welsh Harp.

                                              Many Thanks to Susan Berry on Welsh Harp

And off course me, chanting mantra and playing Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bamboo Flute, Ocarina, Djembe, Shaman Drum, Ting Sha, Shruti Box, shakers and Sansula. 

Mother Nature joins us too through her rain, rivers, sea and thunder.

To order, paypal £10 leaving your address or alternatively you can contact me directly to arrange a different payment like cheque or pick up in person:

Many thanks for your support.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Stargate to a Vegan Friendly Drum Journey

As a life long vegetarian myself, and someone who walks an eco- aware journey, it has been quite a difficult choice working with shaman drums. 

Yes, I honour the spirit of the animal, Yes, the drum in itself is bio- degradable, but after 32 years without eating the earth's creatures, I have been researching different ways of creating a Stargate that honours the breath and warmth of our totem and spirit animals, as well as their skin.

I was very pleased when Deirdra Barr asked me about making Vegan friendly drums. It was that bit of motivation to push me into experimenting further. 

The current birthing is  with fibre skin. 

You can see in the picture above that although the paints work differently to the animal skins, they are still very beautiful. 

Now to live and breathe the drums to see how they adjust to their new sacred Flower of Life. 

As soon as I put this picture on facebook, a dear friend purchased this drum in the picture and then that evening Deirdra and I were chatting again on facebook and between us devised her new commission: Sister Drums

I love this idea. That she is buying a drum for herself and one for a dear friend. The drums will journey together at the same time through the same creative and spiritual process. The Sisters will journey in meditation when they are together and thus, stay together even when they are apart.

So, what started at the beginning of the week as a creative experiment is now opening into a flower of so many possibilities. Who knows where it will lead. I will trust each footstep across the little stepping stones from my cottage to my Mantra Shack, which now looks like a beautiful Drum Birthing Womb.

Flower of Life: The Sacred Geometry of Drums

Hello Friends,

This week I have started a new R&D process, creating very beautiful, Flower of Life Reiki Chakra Drums & it's been so lovely to have such wonderful feedback from you all via facebook. Thank you so much, it means the world to me.

As a reiki practitioner and Sound Therapist, I have spent a great deal of time setting the intentions with the drums before decorating then, setting the intentions with the drums before decorating them, honouring the loving light whilst chanting in the woods opposite my cottage and also by the fresh water stream, where i perform gratitude for water ceremonies to acknowledge and respect a stargate to the ancestors. 

The Flower of life is a very important symbol to me. It comes from what is known as a Sacred Geometry and is said to contain ancient values depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. 

In this sense The Flower of Life is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through us all, believed to contain the very basis for all living things. 

Passed onto us in designs created by the ancestors in sacred spaces throughout the world, the ancients call to us today through nature's geometric. 

The Flower of Life is a stargate that continues through the heartbeat of time. 

I have found it very powerful in meditation to visualise the Flower of Life at the heart of my Reiki Drumming in cleansing chakra. 

It is this that has been the inspiration for my new Flower of Life Drums. 

This beautiful pair below are entitled Mother & Daughter. And as I shared the journey of their creation on facebook, so commissions came in before the paint had even dried. 

Flower of life Drums are certainly my creative calling in the now and as I live and breathe the beginnings of their sacred journey, I gaze in wonder at nature's beauty through the flower of her eye.


Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Mantra Experiments CD: AVAILABLE TO PRE- ORDER

I am very excited to let you know that my new CD The Mantra Experiments 

After the success last year of apples in the rain, I have been working on a second, beautiful fundraising CD for my heart project: Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio Station. 

It is really very lovely meditation CD with inclusive design considerations. The Mantra Experiments took place and were recorded in the lounge of our stone weaver’s cottage over the winter months with Gareth Davies on Sitar, Tim Shaw on Didgeridoo, Shey Edlington on Handpan and Susan Berry on Welsh Harp. 

The CD is a cross cultural experiment where I have channelled chants and improvised with my musician friends over afternoon tea, using my Sound Healing instruments from around the world, ocarina, bamboo flute, shaman drums, Gong, shakers, Tibetan singing bowls … letting the mantra lead me & us. Such a powerful way to create, letting go of the 'rules' and letting the sound take me on a meditative journey that I can share with you.

The tracks include 3 Ancient Mantra that you may recognise:-

 Jai Ma with Sitar, an honouring of Mother Earth to invoke her energy within us

Jai Ambe with Didgeridoo:  a chakra call to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine as the creator of all things.

On Dum Durgayei with Welsh Harp to help us see in ourselves the space to deal with all things.

And one written by me called: Somakanta which is a call to our connection with the Moon and the tide she pulls in and out of us all.

The tracks are wonderful for meditation both in your own practice and sharing with others.

We decided to record our lovely afternoons of music and release a Limited Edition CD to raise funds for my work with Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio.

It really has been a wonderfully collaborative project, made completely from love by me and my friends.

Jeff Beer kindly engineered, Tina Wills helped behind the scenes, Elizabeth Mc Avoy designed the label and Ian Mc Avoy took the vocal mantra diagram at the Wyrd and Wonderful Festival. The Volunteers at Sound Memories are hand stamping the covers and you, my lovely friends, we are hoping will purchase the CD’s.

If you would like to pre-order please use paypal. The cost is £10 per CD and we will cover the p&p within this for you. Please paypal as ‘friends and family’ and be sure to leave your address.

Then as soon as they arrive in the coming fortnight, they will be sent out to you with loving light and joy.

Namaste, dear friends

Friday, 21 October 2016

Performance & the Global Society

Really excited to be invited back to the University of South Wales, The Atrium, Cardiff, next week to give a Guest lecture to the Drama Undergraduates.

As part of the research for the lecture, I put a shout out on my facebook page to the Fabulously Over Fifty and was completely overwhelmed at the response. I have made a digital short to show to the students in the lecture theatre. Having just been through all my notes I think it is quite a powerful piece in the context of the whole power point presentation.

I did a lecture on the same subject last year but I am approaching it very differently this year, perhaps a little more confident to trust myself. 

Certainly I could talk about Sound Memories Radio until the cow come home but truth is, I want to make the students really think about ageism, particularly in the Arts. 

After all, the people sat in that lecture theatre next week, could well be the decision makers of the future and if I any of my work stays with them throughout their career, then I am happy  to share and pass on knowledge.

Their lecturer is the brilliant M├írtha Minier who was also my lecturer during my MA Drama. 

It will be an absolute treat to go back to The Atrium. I doubt the undergraduates realise just how incredibly lucky they are to have such a wonderful opportunity to absorb creativity in such a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment, but doubtless they will look back one day, just as I am, and feel very blessed indeed.

Sound & Well Being Garden

Very excited to preparing a Power point Presentation today for my talk with the teaching staff at Pen Pych Community Primary School next week regarding our new Sound & Well Being Adventure ... 

Thursday, 20 October 2016


For a few months now I have been designing and re-designing my new website. I found it hard to objectively represent all of who I am without sounding like I was trumpet blowing ...  so when I went home last week, I decided to hand it over to the folk who know and love me the best and asked them to re-jig and re-write some stuff for me.

I got it back today and I'm quite chuffed with it ...

Be great if you can pop along, 
have a read & see what you think. 

Thanks, friends

Sunday, 16 October 2016

In Pursuit of Authentic Self

Friends, after an intensely personal & deeply spiritual journey throughout the last 18 months, I have discovered the most beautiful thing and I feel compelled to share it with you.

With the menopause gripping at me harder, I found that I was at a stage in my life where I had started to seriously wonder 'Actually, who am I?' 

In pursuit of answers, I embarked on a deeply personal journey of mindful meditation, mantra and music, to find ultimately, that I know exactly who I am.

I am ME.

And who is ME: A strong, creative, caring, independent, passionate, hard working, open- hearted, loving and giving woman with a strong sense of fair play and equality.

And this, my friends, is enough.

It is joyous to have remembered ME and found the very essence of self that had gotten a little lost through the knocks and blows of life. 

Understanding the concept of ME is so utterly simple and yet has been the most complex journey I have ever made.

And so now, I can re-adjust my compass, harness myself back into my Star-ship and get on with the joy of 'being' without needing to ask anything more of myself other that what I am.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mantra Voice

How beautiful to literally see the colour, texture and vibration of my Mantra Voice.

This collection of graphs were recorded for me by Ian Mc Avoy, who was the wonderful and very kind Sound Engineer whilst I was performing Ceremonial Mantra to open the Sunday Festival at Wyrd & Wonderful Festival earlier this year.

It is particularly poignant for me to witness my voice in this way given the healing process I have been through to bring me to this point.

These beautiful graphs are an affirmation of the loving vibration that I can still bring to the world through my voice and I will treasure them dearly.

And so I have decided to use them as the design artwork for my new CD The Mantra Experiments.

Yes, that's right folks!! All the recording and mixing is complete and as I type this, kind friends are working on our design brief to bring a dementia friendly meditation CD into fruition.

All funds raised from the CD will be donated to Sound Memories Radio for the continuation of my work in developing a hands on, dementia friendly online sound resource with older people. Full details are here:

Respect, Gratitude, LOVE

I am writing to you today with an overwhelming sense of respect and gratitude created by the humans who have just left my little cottage in West Wales, where I hold my Mantra Meditation Fund Raising Events, so that I can continue my work with Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio.

    You can find out about sound memories here if you would like. 

This blog is not about the radio station directly. It's about humanity, the power of friendship, the nature of giving, the cycle of love, the absolute wonder, the depth and beauty that human beings hold within them; the way they hold each other, offering love, nurture, faith, belief, and give value to one other.

The overwhelming nature of human love has taken my breath away today, it sort of snook up on me sideways.

I was so focused on giving love through Goddess Mantra & Meditation Music, raising funds for the project to survive, on sharing loving light through my practice ...  that I had somewhat overlooked the magnitude and reciprocity of love. I had not been ready for the overwhelming sense of love coming back to me.

And I share the story of today with you, my friends, in the hope that it helps you in the way it has helped me, in terms of opening up any energy blocks in relation to receiving.

In my last blog, I described the amazing time I had at Wyrd and Wonderful Festival at the weekend. The core values of Wyrd are beautiful; raising funds for local projects and charities. 

I had absolutely no idea whatsoever, that Sound Memories Radio would be one of the projects that Wyrd would support with funds raised. 

When Sheila came today, I was so happy in my heart that I could give back to her, love and nurture through meditation, so as to thank her for the wonder of wyrd, and then BOOM! She handed me a surprise envelope with £100 donation to Sound Memories! Honestly, I thought I would crumble then and there. 

We are desperate for funds. This contribution could not have come at a more appropriate time.

And I found that what I was most overwhelmed by, was not the sense of the funds, though off course, that is amazing, it was an overwhelming sense of being valued, Wyrd giving worth to my work, to the project, to all the folk who have told their story and shared their memories. We are important. We are enough.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, I felt connected to something bigger. I felt held by the loving embrace of other humans.

And then Elizabeth gave me the funds that her Tina and Ian had raised at Wyrd on the stall for Sound Memories £75!! The funds are again, amazing but it is the love that I am overwhelmed by.

Tina drove all the way to my house the week before the festival (with a really bad hand, I might add) to pick up the items for the stall and Liz literally was on the stall all weekend. The 3 of them set it all up. How utterly kind and loving is that! I can't get over it really. 

And In addition to this, we raised £152.00 from loving donations in exchange for the mediation and kind sales of my items from my kitchen fundraising stand.

And it has made me think about how the older people in the care home feel about my visits and the work we do and it has made me feel ... I can't think of a word ... truth; human; real. 

You see, Love, it is a cycle. 

And Sheila really brought that home to me today.

I was struggling to receive these wonderful gifts because they were in the form of money. 

But Sheila said we need to take the negativity out of money and learn to receive it in the love with which it is given. That is true. Why make money ugly when it is given and received in love.

Receiving is a learning curve for me. A beautiful learning curve to which I am opening my petals. A sunlight of love.

I gave my open heart, shared my loving practice of mantra & meditation music, sung sacred songs, connected to chakra sound, gave shells I have collected by the beach, candles scented with the ocean, mala beads made from the very seeds of the lotus flower. This was my love.

In return, my dear friends gave me the value, respect and energy with which to continue the Sound Memories Radio Project.

In this exchange we gave each other faith in humanity, in a different way of being, in respect, gratitude and in LOVE.

Gratitude is a river that just keeps flowing ... 

Thank you for my beautiful scarf Liz. It is so 'me'. 

Thank you for my bubbles, Shey. I will enjoy watching them drift out of my mantra shack. And off course, for your beautiful handpan pieces: magical.

Thank you for my stunning book Sheila. It is beautiful. I will keep it in my sacred sound studio.

Thank you for re-stocking my Kitchen fund raising stall, Tina, you're a diamond for rallying the troops.

Thank you for coming Jan and Vanessa, and supporting the project.

Thank you Ian for waiting for Liz outside in the car for 2 and half hours.

Thank you Jeff for hiding up in your studio with Maisy while I chanted with Goddesses in your lounge.

Thank you Universe for these amazing connections and for giving me the space to learn how to receive, as well as give love ... 

Monday, 22 August 2016

The Kindred Spirit of Wryd and Wonderful

I have been to  literally 100's of festivals in my lifetime, performed as a singer/songwriter at most of them , but never have I experienced wonderful, in the way that I did on Sunday.

It was as I pulled off the M4 that my heart really started pounding.

'Steady now old girl,' I told myself, as I felt my nerves racing in my chest.

You see, although I have been a singer/ songwriter all my life, I have stopped performing at festivals since a life threatening illness 10 years ago left me a different person, both in terms of my confidence and my physical ability. 

          foto kindly by Tina Wills

Until recent years, I have focused the majority of my time instead, supporting others through Community Arts, to realise their performance aspirations. I have loved every minute of it.

However, through a very personal journey, my life has been transformed by embracing fully the loving and healing vibration of sound, mantra and reiki, to the point that now, I feel able not only to care about others, but also to care equally about my own desires.

And it is these desires that led me to Wyrd & Wonderful. 

In my heart, Wyrd was always much more than a return to performance. Better described as being witnessed in the sharing of my raw, naked soul through the chanting of the ancient Sanskrit mantra which has become my daily healing practice;  I felt a deep sense of truth in my new performance self, an authenticity, a sacredness, the start of a connected journey that  had started to make me feel so incredibly vulnerable. 

'Shall I turn back and make my apologies?' I thought as my car got nearer and nearer to the beautiful Neath Valley.

But I needn't have worried because Wyrd and Wonderful is not just a festival. I should have guessed really, because it is run by dear, beloved friends. Wyrd and Wonderful is an instant family of kindreds, who love each other and care. You can feel it before you even get out of the car.

As I chanted on the main stage,  I was inside my own meditation but when I opened my eyes, I found that others were meditating with me. I don't have any foto's of my sharing because it didn't enter my head to capture it in any way, other than in my heart.

Some of the women in the audience were crying and yet smiling. I guess they recognised  my level of vulnerability in themselves. 

I did not question nor feel responsible for entertaining anyone. Instead, I allowed myself and Wyrd allowed me, to simply be who I am, without stereotypical definition.

I was there to give back a loving vibration to Wyrd, to give part of myself to the whole. 

I wanted to do this because my beautiful friends, Tina Wills, Elizabeth Mc Avoy and Ian Mc Avoy had very kindly set up a stall to raise funds for my work with Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio Project (

I can not thank them enough for this loving kindness. They are truly angels. 

And they had arranged this kindness with Sheila Bassett. Thank you Sheila. And thank you James Spate, the Stage Manager for not even flinching when I said, 'Actually, I am going to chant 4000 year old love mantra with a gong.'

When I came off stage, people were so lovely to me. Hugging me, wanting to meet me, holding me and saying the most wonderfully kind things.

And in those moments, my battered and beaten body mattered little, my healing voice smiled inside me.

Having listened intently, the Universe started working her magic.

A lovely man wanted to meet me, he had felt so connected to my mantra. It transpired he had a degenerative spine condition, so I was able to offer him loving reiki.

One of the women who had been in the tent, gave me a huge hug and I really felt a loving connection. I saw her later standing by the most AMAZING stall and it transpired that it was hers! 

The picture above of the stall is not from Sunday. It's from another festival. I borrowed it from Willow's facebook. I was so taken by the stall that I actually forgot to take a picture of it! LOL. Beautiful handmade shaman drums and beaters! Just stunning. I was in my element. Her and her partner make them. They are a lovely couple called Willow & Croweye. 

And then I met another woman who had heard me from her stall. We chatted. She had Tibetan singing bowls and she asked me if I would like to play them. I did. They were very beautiful. I said to her, 'I am sure I know you from somewhere?' But we did not know each other, not in this life anyway, maybe from another, we laughed.

I bumped into Sheila, who said, 'Oh I have someone for you to meet later. I have told her all about you and she wants to meet you.' Then she disappeared with her lovely advertising board and lollipop tree.

My dear friend Tina and I went to the main field. We could hear drums. When we got there, the most incredible shaman drum healing was happening. 

There were about 10 drummers encircling a woman in a chair, who had her eyes closed. 

Everyone was playing at different levels. Someone pulled out and Tina very kindly asked her if I could take her place, she generously offered me her drum. I joined the gathering of healing shaman drummers. It was a very special and privileged experience led by ... Willow and Croweye! What wonderful humans they are.

Willow asked me if I could offer ancient mantra for the Opening of other festivals. I said absolutely. It is the exact desire of my heart to travel around and chant to open festivals. I can't think of a more beautiful way to live my life. I explained to her that it didn't feel right to ask people and that I would trust that it will happen if it is meant to be, she said that perhaps she can ask around for me. That is so kind and loving.

Sheila took my hand and led me off to the person she wanted me to meet. Well, I'll be blowed, it was the woman with the Tibetan singing bowls on her stall that I had met earlier and was convinced I knew!We couldn't believe it.

'It wasn't a past life I knew you from, it was the future!'

It transpired that this familiar woman was called Rain and she takes her beautiful stand to festivals all over the UK. On her stall she stocks music Cd's and is looking for meditation music that is  'something different'.

We chatted about my 4 ongoing CD projects that will be finished by the New Year and she said that she would be very keen to stock and sell all 4 projects. She gave me her card to contact her to negotiate terms. 

AMAZING!! It means that before I have even finished the 4 projects, I have a festival distributor! I reckon Sheila Bassett is actually a fairy godmother! How else could she know to bring us together?

Thank you so much Sheila, I said quietly to her and gave her a big hug.

'It's what I do ' she replied with a smile so serene, I became certain she really is of faery folk.

So, then I offered Rain and her husband a mantra from my open heart to theirs'. We sat opposite each other and I sang them an ancient heart mantra in gratitude and thanks.

When I returned to the Sound Memories stall that Lovely Liz was so lovingly looking after while she braided people's hair, I met a wonderful woman who was so kind about my chanting. She had also bought many things from the Sound Memories Stall. It transpired a family member of hers' had died with dementia only last year. I offered her a loving gift of a mantra healing.

We went to her room and we set her intentions. I then channelled the  mantra for her. We sat very still together on her bed, me chanting for her. It was a moving experience.

The day whizzed by. It was time for me to go home and a young lad needed a lift to the train station. Without a second thought, I offered to take him because that is what Wyrd people do, they are Wonderful to each other!

So in summary, with my hand on my heart, I can say that Wryd was not just Wonderful, it was magical in every single sense!

In my next blog I will show you the very beautiful gift that was sent to me when I got home that evening from Ian Mc Avoy who was the outstanding Sound Engineer all day at Wyrd ... 

For more details of Wyrd & Wonderful Festival
at Hafan Y Coed, please look at this website link :

Extra Special Thanks to Tina for quietly making it so 
& never taking the credit. Namaste, dear one.

And true to form, Tina has just very gently reminded me that perhaps it would be a good idea to mention my fundraising albums on my bandcamp page, where I record and sell my Meditation Music and Mantra to raise  funds for my work with Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio

The beautiful Dream catchers featured in this blog are hand made
 by Sheila Bassett and her partner in wonderful workshops.