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Cheryl Beer
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Sunday, 23 February 2020


It's been so interesting producing my own Radio Series as a hearing impaired person. I learnt a lot on the last series, when I spent too long trying to do things in the way a hearing person might, which took an awful amount of ear energy, ear energy that I just don't have anymore - so for this series, I have tried something different, to explore whether or not it is possible to be more kind to my disability needs, and still make great radio for the listener.

The series is called Remarkable Women & launches on International Women's Day 8th March at 7pm with Oystermouth Radio. It feels really important to launch on this day because I have been bestowed a very great honour indeed, by the  Women's Equality Network, who have made me an honorary member of the Top 100 Women Pioneers in Wales for my work in the Arts, Health & Innovation. I can't quite believe it. This is an all time list & so, I'm in great company - there are suffragettes, politicians, sports women and ... me! 

In light of this, it feels like the right time to create a Radio Series that celebrates all Remarkable Women and I am very grateful to Oystermouth Radio & Welsh Connections for giving me the opportunity to take it to the airwaves.

Anyway, I digress, the first thing, was to invite women guests to talk open and freely about their amazing life. I made a video to give help & guidance, so that I would only need to talk to folk the once ... some of the women I invited, struggled with this free format and wanted me to interview them in the traditional way - I am a firm believer that the right women accepted the challenge to try something new and the results are nothing short of astounding. Now, after receiving the interviews in my inbox, I am building the shows around the guests, rather than vice versa. This has meant trusting wholly in my guests and allowing the series to be shaped by itself. That makes me smile inside. It's been a huge part of my journey, letting go of things and accepting what is, and this feels like part of that process.

The quality of some of the interviews from a technical point of view, is not great, but the life stories are so inspiring, & that's what really matters. It has made me realise that we so seldom get the chance just to listen to each other for 20 minutes - to hear in great depth about each others lives is such a joy.

Then last week, I decided it would be a good idea to extend the platform, & include unpublished music or songs written by women musicians ... so  I have a call out for that at the moment too ... feel free to get in touch if you'd like to submit your own unpublished track.

If everything goes to plan, I should have 6 women guests and 4 - 6 women musicians joining me ... 

So far my Interview Guests are: -

Fiona Winter from Energy Moves & The Summer House Studio.

Dr Anne Lister, Historian, Songwriter & Storyteller.

Catherine Fookes, Director of the Women's Equality Network.

Abbie Jebbers, Singer/ Songwriter & Holistic Therapist.

Esyllt George, Drama Therapist 

Cheryl Bass, Director of I AM WOMAN.

Music so far, from, Ann Lister, Abbie Jebbers, Kate Strudwick & Lowri Evans.

And off course, I will be talking about my life, too, in bite size chunks - and no doubt chanting.

What I have learnt so far,  is that there is always a way to overcome our challenges, as long as we listen to ourselves & trust each other, our desires are possible, even if we can not hear like we used to. 

Namaste, Dear Ones.

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Chanting at Gors Fawr Standing Circle

Have you ever been to Gors Fawr Standing Stones & Stone Circle? It's in Pembrokeshire and the crazy thing is, you can literally just pull up and walk across the land, anytime, to be with the Standing Stones. 

The view is breath taking! Connect and look towards the Bluestone Mountains of Pembrokeshire, where archeologists have recently found the actual spot from where Stonehenge was carved. How on earth they got those huge stones out of there is beyond any of us, but they did. I suppose when a group of people come together with a deeply spiritual purpose, they can achieve anything, whether that be now or 4000 years ago.

I love to go to Gors Fawr to chant ancient mantra that is 4000 years old. There is a great synergy in that for me. Sometimes, I actually chant into the stones themselves, just to remind them that we are still here.