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Cheryl Beer
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Charging Reiki Crystals with the Elements

What better way to charge my new reiki rose crystals than to return them to the loving light of Mother Nature and her elements. 

First to the River 

I placed the stones in the flowing stream and chanted one of my favourite ancient Sanskrit Mantra, treasured as a gift from a beautiful Ashram:  'Kali Kapalini'. I sang it 3 times to each crystal.

The reiki symbols shimmered in the sunshine and made my heart smile.

In particular, I was initiating my reiki stones for distance reiki. As I become more and more home based and longing for smaller environmental footsteps, so the notion of distance reiki seems more and more appropriate.

Reiki has become a very central aspect of my daily self-healing practice of Sanskrit Mantra as I naturally seem to have developed a unique way of combining the two since training as a Sound Therapist & Reiki Practitioner; it seems like the most natural and organic thing for me, as I access my inner self through mantra, that when my breath and voice leave me, they do so in the most loving way to thank the Universe for giving me back my inner singing voice.

After the river, the steady climb through bluebell woods ...

And so to embrace The Earth & Air

All the while chanting 
to the Divine Goddess within

Paying homage to the welsh slate that reminds us of our cultural history and context here in West Wales.

Until all that remains is to bring the crystals to fire ... Which I will do tonight by candle & moonlight 
with a rosary of 108 Gong Strikes 
in my Sound Studio.

Already, the crystals have been called upon for distance reiki this evening ... 

Namaste, dear ones.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Are pathways negative space?

It was one of those miserable sort of drizzly rainy days today. 

None of that seemed to bother Maisy though; she still wanted to pad her paws around the park. So, I scurried along the pavement keeping my head low and in so doing I noticed how interesting pavement actually is. I have been visiting this village for 12 years but never really noticed what was beneath me.

It was obvious from all the patch ups, that little regard had been paid to the pathway design over the years. Just a practical layering of different materials and varying levels of nature's fingers, gently trying to reclaim.

I found myself wondering ...  is pavement what artists would term,  negative space; that is, space in and around the significant object? And if it is, should pathways be positive space?

The idea intrigued me and I found it quite poignant. Are the paths we tread, simply journeys around something more significant?

I realised that I seldom notice how loud I walk or the different sounds my shoe'd feet make. Next time you are out walking, notice the sound of your footsteps in your head.

And if pathways are negative space, what happens when 2 negative spaces come together?

I seem to remember somewhere in maths that 2 negatives make a positive. 

And then I wondered how many negative spaces I could fit into one photograph. What is it to look through the space between the branches, or the reflections in drains, or the cement between paving slabs.

I found myself wondering what is the relevance of this to drama? What do we want our audience to feel underfoot? Do we even consider this? Do we think about how loud their shoes click on the floor, or our own feet? 

I smiled to myself because I realised that I really like being the kind of creative that would have these thoughts, simply from looking at pavement cracks. I pondered on how important it is that we nurture what my teacher's would have called day dreaming but what was in fact, me trying to work out the world in a different way to them.

Now, it was not a miserable day at all. It was a day full of wondering and despite the drizzle, I felt my back straighten, my head held level, and I thought to myself,
      'Aw, look at Maisy. She's wagging her tail.'  

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Loving Reveal


... And here they are. 4 absolutely beautiful, bespoke & lovingly made, solid silver, Sound Healing NAMASTE Heart pendants. I see, feel & honour the light in you that I see, feel and honour in myself. 

Birthed into being through a process of Sound Healing to manifest Creativity ...

 To bring about abundance and wealth ...

To honour and nurture our belov├ęd friendships and welcome in new ones ...

 To call upon the Divine feminine in all things ...

 And give our hearts to Love and to Peace ...

For ourselves, for our loved ones ...

For those we know and don't know yet ...

For a Peaceful Earth and our Loving Universe.

 There are only 4 of these beautiful bespoke 
Sound Healing pendants ... 

 ... in 2 different styles, as shown in these photographs that I took outside Rose's Silversmith Studio in Drefach Felindre.

 And all the funds raised will help to start a new Coastal Sound Mapping Project for Sound Memories Radio, bringing the beaches of the West Wales Coastline to those who can no longer get down to the sea.

Rose and I finished the day with all 4 pendants placed carefully in my singing bowl. As I played and set the intention for the individual journeys of these wonderful pieces, they made their own humming sound with the vibration of the Tibetan Singing Bowl; charging themselves ready for their loving journey.

If you would like to take up this opportunity of owning one of these beautiful gifts, please contact me via facebook or

We are asking a minimum donation of £75.00 per piece. If you would like to give more, please feel free to do so. Your donation will be added to our offline donations at Gofundme. We would like to name you with thanks but if you would rather remain anonymous, just let us know,

With your beautiful bespoke pendant in a Rose Wood presentation box, you will also receive an authentication certificate from myself & Rose, as well as a DVD with a short film clip showing you how your piece of loving jewellery was made.

 Namaste, dear ones. And Thank you xx

Sounding Silver: A Loving Process

And whilst I chanted to Saraswati 
to bring about joy through  Creativity

Whilst I chanted to Lakshmi 
to manifest Wealth & Abundance 

 Whilst I chanted to Parvati 
for Deep Friendships

Whilst I chanted to the Divine Feminine within

Whilst I played Gong

and shruti box

and Tibetan Bowls

Whilst I filled the room with 
the loving light of reiki

and focussed my energies on Peaceful love

So, Rose lovingly worked through the process, 
the journey of our creation

Silver Lined Sounds

After a cuppa and chat, Rose and I set up my Sound Healing instruments in her studio.

We set the intentions for the day to manifest beautiful loving pieces of jewellery that gave us immense joy to create also in knowing that whomever will wear them will gift themselves and bring about much joy for those in care settings who will benefit from our Sound Memories Radio Coastal Sound Mapping Project. Isn't love great the way it just keeps giving.

Rose designed the jewellery around my brief.

A solid silver heart, a little battered 
but given character by those knocks that life brings. Inscribed with the Sanskrit word NAMASTE  meaning 'I see, feel and honour the light in you that I see, feel and honour in myself.'

I played Sound Healing Music to the rhythms of Rose's work as she worked and fashioned the silver.

And soon Rose and I had manifested the first of our beautiful bespoke hand-made hearts

 But this was just the beginning on what would be a sunny afternoon of a very loving process ... 

Follow my next blog to see how our beautiful pendants were transformed ...