Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dylan Thomas Street Dance

I had really hoped to film the street dancers in the sea, I had them kicking up the crest of a wave, but this June must have been the rainiest one ever!
So I decided the day before to rustle up a contingency. I thought the Amusement Arcade would be an interesting location but the manager was having none of it.

Then I called my lovely frned Annie Haden
at The Dylan Thomas Birth House,
Number 5 Cwmdonkin Drive.

She didn't hestitate!

'Annie, I need a favour love,'


I went up to Penlan through the council estate to the youth centre to pick up the dancers who were all waiting patiently.

What a lovely bunch of people!

And Martin Kurina who is the 17 year old running the dance troop as a volunteer to 'make a difference within the community'
is an absolute star!

I'm not entirely how sure how to fit this new venue into the production.

I'll just have to change the story line around and link onto the end of the Dylan Thomas Trail song .... Mr Blueface ....

Mmm will have a thinkette!

What a very special thing indeed to be the Director who brought Street Dance to Dylan's doorstep. I'm certain he would have LOVED it!

New, edgey, out there genre,
youth fired, wired and inspired.

It warmed my heart that the young people were asking Annie loads of questions and were genuinely interested in his life.

I stood filming them in what we know was Dylan's bedroom and it felt so outside the box I forgot that there even used to be one!

THANKYOU Martin Kurina, Penlan Youth Service, Annie Haden & Dylan Thomas!

THANKYOU Arts Council of Wales for my Individual Mainline Grant.


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