Thursday, 1 November 2012

Panoramic film direction in progress!

Rob Latham was one of the actors who very kindly came to the film shoot this week at Morfa Isaf and he took this AMAZING photo which he shared with me on facebook.
It's the only pic I have of me directing the shoot. I'm sorry I can't get it any bigger on here but you can see it in its full glory on my facebook.
 In the distance are Arts Care Gofal Celf LegaC Contemporary Dance troop warming up before the big sea plunge with Bob Edwards and Rob playing incarnartions of the main character, Dafydd.
On the rocks I am lining up to film the drummers who represent the echo of the waves .. what you can't see is the beautiful waterfall behind them.
I love this shot becasue it gives you a feel of the day, the wonder of the coastline, the privacy of the secret family cove.
This secret cove is owned is part of the land belonging to the Painting family and I can not thank my friend Amanda enough for welcoming us to her home for the shoot. It truly is the most magical place to stay. She has a guest house and more recent additions are the Romani Caravan and the dry dock Boat accomodation ...


  1. Oh NO Bob! NEVER! lol x there's loads of film footage of you poppet but no foto's .. will do a short clip of it and put on here :) xx


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