Thursday, 4 July 2013

Young Promoters

For the last 6 weeks I have been working with Pembroke Dock Community School as a freelance Adviser with Night Out Scheme. I am one of 11 experienced practitioners who were trained 2 years ago by Night Out from around Wales and we support the community to put together committees of young people who host, promote and organise their own theatre. They learn all the back stage, behind the scenes things about the theatre and events.

Pembroke Community School were BRILLIANT young promoters! We went to Torch theatre for a visit and every week the children wrote an action plan to enable them to focus on getting all their jobs done before my next visit.
Consequently, Circus Berzercus SOLD OUT and we had an AMAZING evening!
Thank you to Pembroke Community School, especially Mrs Williams & Donna who worked tirelessly.
To Jo Brookman of Communities First who was fabulous.
To the Hilary Farr at the Night Out Scheme who manages Young Promoters and organises the underwriting of the show and the funding Young Promoters.
Thanks to all the VIP's, family & friends who bought tickets & came to support the show ...

But mostly thank you to the wonderful children who put 100% into making the evening a night to remember for their community.

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