Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A thank you from the British Ambassador at The Embassy

Leaves of Hope Charity Director
Val Cousins (Far Left)
 arranged for us to visit The British Ambassador
at The Embassy in Minsk
to thank us for our work
with the children at the orphanage.

The young people in the team were awarded certificates for their achievements as we had morning tea & cakes.

When I was growing up on the estate,
wondering what my life would be like,
 I could have never have imagined for one minute that I would be the kind of woman who supported young people to work in an orphanage, that I would make music with orphaned children in Belarus, that I would be thanked by a British Ambassador in the Embassy in Minsk!
I wonder, what Miss Brown the old Head Teacher at the Girls' School would make if it, having told me I was best suited to asking my Saturday job manager if I could carry on after school finished and work full time on his tills!  
Thank goodness I  continued to have the sense
not to listen to her!
Bless her, trapped in her middle class stereotypes!
Not that there's anything wrong with working on the tills, I quite enjoyed it, we use to have a giggle every Saturday, but it was the very fact that she expected nothing from me, because of who I was and where I lived, that drove me to go to college, university and to follow my heart rather than listen to my head ... or hers'!
And friends, there's a lesson in there, somewhere!

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  1. I only know one person on this team, but if all the other members have a tenth the enthusiasm, dedication, and talent of the one person that I know, it must have been an awesome assemblage! Well done Cheryl, so proud to know you as a friend. Xxx


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