Tuesday, 31 December 2013

One Red Curl At A Time

With the arrival of Wiggy ... I find myself climbing into the central character of my new story Mother Moon. And in so doing, allow her to crawl her way out of me :)

I won't necessarily wear this for the Reflective Practice Assessment this month at Uni. I will be the storyteller. I am still deciding if the storyteller is me, a character in her own right, an extension of me, an extension of the character or the character herself. Whichever, I have decided that it is important to understand and stay true to the nature, history and form of storytelling, whilst pushing its boundaries a little. 

But I will wear Wiggy for a foto shoot on the beach, with blue contact lenses and a nude coloured vintage, victorian, silk slip, bare feet by the sea in New Quay, where the story is written. 

And in so doing will feel the character, will live her, breathe her. How very Stanislavsky of me! As my lovely friend, painter, poet & mask maker, BrĂ­d Wyldearth said to me only yesterday, I will even know what she had for breakfast! 

And in knowing and being the character in this way, she can be fully present in the storytelling, whichever style of performance I choose, because I will know, deep inside, and I will be the window to her for the audience and those who share the story... well, that's the plan anyway!

Later, post assessment when the story lives on without the pressure of assessment, I want to then find an illustrator to use the photographs to make a beautiful piece of artwork based on these so that I and the character feature on the fliers/posters.

One red curl at a time!

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