Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mother Moon has WORDS!


Award Winning Storyteller & Songwriter Cheryl Beer is The Story Weaver: unpicking the threads of fairytales to weave new stories for folk of today.

At nearly 50 years of age she has been re-invigorating her craft, returning to the University of South Wales at Cardiff’s School of Creative and Cultural Industries, securing a Centenary Award to study an MA Drama, where she is putting her storytelling under the microscope. The result has been the beginning of a dynamic and exciting collection of new stories.

Mother Moon is based on an autobiographical character, Ceridwen Goch and her struggle to come to terms with menopause. Set on the West Wales coastline, Cheryl uses the fairytale format to teach the character how to believe in her inner self. The piece earned Cheryl a Distinction in her practical exam this month.  

Mother Moon will be weaving her way to Bonmahon, near  Waterford, Ireland,  to share with WORDS, a spoken word event at The Art Hand, having been kindly invited by Sean & Miranda Corcoran on Wednesday 5th March 2014.

You can chat with the character Ceridwen Goch on facebook as she has her own page: or you can look at Cheryl’s work at

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