Monday, 22 August 2016

Sendelica Sound Sessions

This is a photographic Archive of my recording session with the fabulously psychedelic Progressive Rock Band, Sendelica, live at Mwnci Studio in West Wales.

All of the photographs are by Paul Williams, whom I have lovingly re-named Urban Fox. A name that seems to have caught on, with the rest of the band calling it him too.

I think it is an apt name for he captures in his work something of the natural, the truth, the organic and yet is using state of the art technology to capture this realism. Like the natural beauty of a fox against an urban landscape.

One of the most important things to me when I am in session with other musicians is to feel at home both vibrationally and visually.

So, I tend to take with me a fair few of the soft furnishings from my Sound Studio, as well as my favourite incense and singing bowls.

What a giggle I had getting re-aquainted with the band. I used the mallets from my Crystal bowls to dance around them like an alien from another planet to make them laugh ...

 Laughter is a great way to break the ice ... 

And then I got my shaker and broke up the space  around them ...  getting unpacked and set up and sound checked can be quite stressful and cause a chakra blockage. A simple shaker can loosen the atmosphere. As can a bit of a jig.

And then down to the serious business of finding the right key ...

Now the real concentration begins. I have never seen myself up close during a session in this way. I think Paul captures the intensity of the now with this shot below. We were improvising a live take and couldn't really hear each other. As you can see, I am locked away in a glass cubicle relying totally on my headphones for guidance.

And then a quick tea break before recording 2 more 22 minute improvisations ..

The project is called Yin Yang  and I was part of the Yin that will make up this double coloured vinyl release next year.

22 minutes goes very quickly indeed when you're in it, improvising ...

But it goes much slower when you agonisingly listen back to it

But all said and done, without wanting to sound over confident, it sounded pretty cool and very vibey! Loving Kate Riaz's Cello, too. 

So, now I kind of wish I could go into the studio with Sendelica an improvise every week. It was good to add more than tad of testosterone into my life & wonderful how it all gelled together. 

Thankyou so much for inviting me guys. It was WOWZERS!! And thanks Paul for providing us with such a beautiful record of our work.

You can catch Sendelica performing and releasing stuff at this link

You can contact Urban Fox AKA Paul Williams at

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