Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Random Gifts of Kindness for World Sounding Healing Day

It was World Sound Healing Day last week on the 14th February. I had so many offers to come and play my sound healing instruments with others but it felt really important to be with my loved ones to celebrate in our own small & special way.

Me, Maisy & Jeff went to listen to the sea. I figured Sound Healing is a 2 way process. It's not just about us giving positive vibes to the earth, it's about listening to earth giving positive vibes to us. Reciprocity is key, give and receive.

As we stood on the beach together wrapped up, I almost wept. The sea sang so beautifully that eventually I was compelled to chant with her. To stand bare foot on her sand and let her lap her icy fingers around my toes, was immense joy.

Off course Maisy was oblivious to such majesty because there were seagulls that needed chasing and water pools to splash about in and most importantly, holes to dig.

And Jeff was happy too, saying in true Valentine style that if I am happy, so is he, which is quite remarkable given that we are divorced.

It was such a heart warming experience that I decided it would be rather lovely to share it with whomsoever would like to share it.

I chose 12 shells from the beach, took them home, washed them, wrapped them in blue tissue paper, and then offered my facebook friends a Sound Healing Day Shell. 

It was truly beautiful wrapping them up and sending them off to everyone. It made my heart absolutely swell. 

Since, I have been thinking alot about random acts of loving kindness .. Actually, I wrote a song about it just today.

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