Friday, 2 March 2012

Fusion Inspire: Introduction

Fusion Inspire: A Journey Through The Creative Mind
Funded by The Arts Council of Wales & Welsh Gov.t

March 1st  2012

Today is the first day of my Individual Mainline Grant from The Arts Council of Wales. They have kindly funded me 2 days a week for 12 months to work on my own production. This is some kind of magic in my life! For years almost all of my work has been concentrated on community arts, supporting literally 1000’s of people to engage and access music, the arts, creative writing etc. Sometimes in the role of a Creative Director, sometimes as a facilitator... but always where I am the consultant to the community supporting their creativity.

This project is different. It is my opportunity to focus on my own work. I will still engage with the community, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, but this time is different. This time the community becomes the consultant to me and my creativity.
On this first day, I have been planning and writing countless lists of things that have been waiting to explode onto the paper for what seems like a lifetime! Oh and I went to the bank to sort out the accounts for the project and get the admin-housework in order!
I want this blog to show you how I got to this point of my journey and take you on the next phase with me, give you insights into my thought processes and the joyous , wondrous things ahead … we won’t know where we’re going until we get there, and there in lies the nature of creativity. To be free to follow my path in this way will undoubtedly change my world, it already has.
Belief is a strange thing. I find it easier to impart how to believe to others, so that they can grow, than I do to invest it in myself, and the very fact that the Arts Council of Wales has recognised my work in this way and offered me such an amazing opportunity, has gone a long way in building the foundations of raising my belief in myself. I thank them with every bone in my body, for it is every bone in my body that sings today.

                                                                    Fusion Inspire

The logo I have included here is a piece of artwork made by my very dear friend Sherrall Morris who has this uncanny knack of sensing when a friend is needed, and has supported me through some difficult health issues in my recent history. When I saw this piece of glass mosaic, it reached out to me. My work will be based on the West Wales Coastline, and there was something marine in Sherrall’s design, but more than this: The whole premise behind my work will be to show how all the pieces of what I am, in all the different contexts, are something more than a collection of pieces when they are presented as a whole. That every piece in itself can be beautiful, but collectively, they present something complete, holistic. A fusion of all the arts forms that I facilitate  to inspire others, and now, to inspire myself. Fusion Inspire.

                      Left: My Sister: Gem: Centre: Artist/Writer/Actor/Friend: Sherrall Morris Right: Me!

So, what are the pieces?
Spoken Word
Music Technology
Found Sound




These will be created and shared in an inclusive multi-sensory way, so that they can be experienced through sound, vision, touch and smell: The creative journey will be based along the awe inspiring West Wales Coastline.

Thank you for coming aboard my
ArtShip  Enterprise

Tell Star Fleet we’re on our way!


  1. From All of us here in Canada we firmly stand behind Cheryl in all her wonderful activities, Your music creations and love of life and beautifully book.
    Take care Chez
    Love Rob

  2. Cheryl, you are Amazing !!
    I need to write the 2 books I have in my head now, do you know where I can get help with this please !!!
    Hope to meet up in Carmarthen soon for a coffe and chat, im sure we can help each other immensely !!
    Love Kim x

  3. Thanks Rob :) Great to think that you're on oard the journey with me when you're so far away! Would really appreciate it if you could share my blog with others ... Hey maybe I could bring the end production Fusion Inspire over to you? Mmmm now there's a thought! :)Chez x

  4. That's very kind of you to say Kim, thanks :) What 'help' do you think you need? Help getting started? Workshops? Funding? Publishing? All of the above ;)lol! If you can write up what advice and help you want and send it to me at I'll do my best to offer support or at least sign post you to the right people.Chez x


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