Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fairytales from Louie

Like the story that wouldn't stop, postcards from Louie keeps on growing.

One of Louie's favourite things from her childhood was shown to me by Alun and Jill,  her story book from when she was 10 years old.

How beautiful to read these stories. I love that a child along the way has coloured it in.

The book is illustrated by Winifred Ackroyd and we believe she is also the author of the stories although they are not attributed to anyone. 

I managed to trace a book shop in Denmark with a version of the book still with front cover, but it doesn't give the author on there either. The shop owner thought it may be Enid Blyton so I sent details to the Enid Blyton Society but they say it can't be Enid Blyton because she didn't write for Collins Clear Type-Press until later in her life.

Either way it matters little to me. It is beautiful. What is important is that these are the stories that children in West Wales sat huddled up by the fire or under welsh blankets to listen to.

I have recorded all the stories in the book and will learn them to tell to the children sat on welsh blankets as part of our trail in June.

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