Sunday, 6 April 2014

Postcards from Louie Greenspace Exhibition

'Wouldn't it be nice,' said Jill, 'if there was an Exhibition after the story trail of Louie's things with the lyric booklets and the music.' 

'Yes ...' I replied, 'Let's put it out there and see what happens.'

I have been saying this all along and I'm not sure people quite understand what I mean. I'm not sure I do! But it seems that everytime the story takes its own turn, we are met with exactly what we need.

At a meeting for Postcards from Louie with Jodie Boyd and Rachel Murphy from Arts Care Gofal Celf, who have been fabulous, I mentioned that Jill had said this. Then the following week, Rachel was sent an email from Greenspace Gallery Owner in Carmarthen town centre, who was looking for artists to share her Gallery Space in June for an Exhibition called 'My Favourite Things'

Well, it seemed to me that this would be a perfect setting for Postcards from Louie as throughout her life, she use to enjoy going into Carmarthen. 

So, I emailed Dorothy Morris who owns the Gallery and we arranged an appointment to meet, yesterday.

Dorothy is a lovely woman. She is an incredible artist and her Gallery is set up to 'make a difference' with themes linked to environmental awareness, social change and cultural heritage. 

She has an MA in Fine Art and the piece you see her with here entitled 'Large Lady, Sagging Couch' is set to be part of 'I am Sacred; I am Beautiful' an exhibition showing the beauty of women at Swansea Grande Theatre.

Dorothy has very kindly welcomed Postcards from Louie and  invited us to be 'the heartbeat of the
 'My Favourite Things' Exhibition'

WOW!! Brilliant! Thanks Dorothy. 

But one of the things that Jill was concerned about was the safety of Louie's things at an Exhibition. We discussed glass cabinets for display.

I talked with Dorothy about this and explained that we have no funding to buy in anything, but ...

 ... as luck would have it, on the floor below Greenspace Gallery, Lottie has her gallery: 
Uncle Albert's Drawers 

Lottie (Charlotte Richards) studied at the West Wales School of Arts and runs Uncle Albert's, hand-making and up-cycling furniture

And when I told her the story of Postcards from Louie, she very kindly offered to source 2 glass cabinets from the utility period (1930-1950's) which will stand back to back in the middle of Dorothy's studio to house Postcards from Louie as part of the 'My Favourite Things' Exhibition.

Next door to Lottie, Julie James  has a vintage clothing studio and she very kindly offered to help too. 

Am thinking ... this may come in handy for the Story Trail ... mmmm maybe I could dress up?

Aren't people lovely. I feel very blessed indeed to have met everyone yesterday.

You can find them all above a fabulous Community Crafts Shop in King's Street, Carmarthen.
It is seriously beautiful there! I for one, now that I have found them, will be going back to the Gallery to sit and have afternoon tea and cake on bone china retro cups and saucers, sat gazing from the sash window across the church yard, no doubt daydreaming about the next adventure Louie takes me on!

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