Sunday, 8 June 2014

Postcards from Louie Book, Story Map & CD Thank You Gallery

I gave all of my time to 'Postcards from Louie' without funding.

I pulled together and managed a team of wonderful people who came on the journey with me ...

Thank you to:

Rachel Murphy & Chris Ryan for believing in my artistic integrity

The Baring Foundation &Arts Care Gofal Celf  for covering some of my travel expenses

Jodie Boyd for working with me on funding and submitting the bid application to:
Gwalia Community Chest who subsequently covered the cost of printing and duplication

Melanie Philips BA of Pet Portraits who sat for hours with me in her studio with my designs
while we translated them through photo-shop with her Graphic Design Skills 
& was on the end of the phone.

To Jeff Beer for sitting with me for hours in my studio to engineer and translate my vision into the recording of the CD

To Dorothy Morris from Greenspace Gallery for trusting my creativity and welcoming us into her 
My Favourite Things Exhibition

To Lottie from Uncle Albert Drawers who paid for the cabinets. I found them in The British Heart Foundation, who kindly delivered them to my house and then Pedro, Lottie's husband, picked them up from my house in his van and took them to the Gallery.

Thank you to People's Collection, Wales for lending me the Digital Storytelling Kit

Beacon Printers, Penarth for giving me such a good price for the Book, Story Map, CD & CD cover

Thank you so much to Jill and Alun Davies for welcoming me into their home and really getting behind the journey. For setting up Louie's cabinets in the Gallery

But most of all Thank you to Louie
For her generosity in sharing her story
And her wisdom in asking me
For teaching me, ironically, that you can make a difference in this world without necessarily 
making a song and dance 

With Much Love
Cheryl Beer

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