Friday, 30 January 2015

The Promenade Festival 2015. Tramore, Ireland

I am so utterly chuffed to be invited for the second year running, to put together and Co-ordinate the Welsh team of Artists for The Promenade Festival, Tramore, Ireland.

Sean Corcoran & Sam Collins

My dear friend, Sean Corcoran, is the Artistic Director. Last year I took a team of 6 of us and we had a blast.

This year I am taking a  team of 12 of us!

Last year's Welsh Team

So what considerations did I make this year?

First off, I decided that I would try to take equal numbers of men and women artists, all of whom are outstanding and totally committed to the arts in Wales. 

Secondly I thought long and hard about offering opportunities for experienced artists alongside breakthrough older artists, rather than the traditional younger person: to create opportunities for Welsh Artists from across genres and from across all decades.

So, that's what we have!

Poets & Artists, Singer /Song Writers, Dancers, Performers, Actors, Storytellers, in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's.

I am still waiting for all the photographs to come in but here is the team, hot off the press:

Cheryl Beer: People Poetry & Meditative Sound
Anne Lister: Singer/Song Writer
Mab Jones: Spoken Word Poet
Sam Collins: Creative Artist
Fiona Winter: Energy Moves
Amanda Rackstraw: Storyteller
Paul Edwards: Singer/ Song Writer
Ron Savory Singer/Songwriter/Poet
Mark Montinaro: Actor
Bob Edwards: Actor
Lloyd Roberts: Graffiti Artist
Dominic Williams: Spoken Word Poet

Thank you so much Sean for inviting us and to the Tramore Tourist Board for funding our trip


  1. And do you need a photographer to document the adventure?


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