Wednesday, 7 January 2015

too personal

This Saturday I am beginning a new creative journey so deeply moving, so intense, that I am still breathing in the joy of it and bathing in its beauty. For the first time since I opened Fusion Inspire, I feel unable to blog about this aspect of my creative journey, it is almost too sacrosanct. Does that make sense? 

Needless to say, I want to share with you the immense depth of joy this gives me in my soul to have found this precious jewel for myself and to acknowledge that it's ok for me to feed my own soul in this way.

Doubtless, when I have the journey under-way and am re-balanced on the earth beneath my feet , I will share with you, but my friends, the point of my blog today is just this; that sometimes the joy is so great that there does not need to be a point.

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