Monday, 17 August 2015

Silence, Song & Solitude

Print from Whimsical Folk Art

I feel as though I am preparing to go on a visit to someone I know really well but haven't seen for ages. For the next 3 days I am spending solitude time at a Yoga Studio that a friend of mine has built in her field.

 It is a very beautifully still, quiet and yet warm space with a log burner and a wooden floor. It is her energy. She has a wonderful aura about her and I can feel that sense of smile in the space.

Each window is a moving canvass of the surrounding West Wales countryside and the blue cloud laden skies. Sheep meander in the next field intrigued by the human presence. Birds sing in the surrounding shrubs but I will not hear them inside the sound proof studio.

My intention is to 'be' with myself. To' be' with me. To give my undivided self to myself. 

I can not remember having ever arranged to do this. My time is always filled with promises I have made to others. But for the next 3 days, my promises are to myself, for this exploration of self, space and solitude.

I had thought I might take with me things to do, like writing or instruments to play, but for the first day, I have decided just to 'be' and not to 'do'.
I am so excited!!

What I find most interesting is that before my MA Drama, before my Sound Healing, before my Reiki I would have considered solitude in a Yoga Studio as 'wasting my time'. I might have tutted and rolled my eyes thinking about all the things I could tick off my list instead. I smile lovingly and knowingly at that old self now.

It has not been easy to make this time to 'be'. I am so utterly tempted to invite friends to gather with me, to share my time and space with others. But  I have learnt that love begins within me and tomorrow, it is that love that I will nurture.

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  1. "My intention is to 'be' with myself. To' be' with me. To give my undivided self to myself." - bliss! Looking forward to the next blog - 'Sharing serenity' :-) xx


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