Friday, 21 August 2015

Heart Yoga Studio

Well, my friends, I can whole heartedly recommend

Solitude, Stillness & Self 

as a complete tonic to the everyday 
stresses and strains of life!

So here's what you need to make it so ...

Oh & interspersed with wonderful day dream naps 

... so blankets will come in handy too

And off course, you need a great space to 'be'

I was very lucky indeed to be offered this space, Yoga Heart Studio in Mynydd Y Garreg, Carmarthenshire

 Owned by a beautiful soul,  Debbie Brooks

And in this space, all my questions dissipated

And I was left with this feeling ...

Good times are here
Love is the answer
I am enough

 I deserve to be loved in the ways I need

I made a collection of recordings while I was at Heart Yoga Studio which will be available to share soon. 

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