Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017: The Year of the Crone

The word 'crone' is of great interest to me. 

By definition, this single word  conjurs up for us an ' old, ugly hag' and yet, in the same spell, manifests a woman 'venerated for her knowledge, wisdom and experience.

We live in a culture that repeatedly insists we cling to youthful beauty, seeking out magic creams and potions to change the age of our skin.

However, when we come together, re-claiming the true magic of our crone-hood, stepping with joy into our full power, we can make great changes as we age together. 

We are more wise, more knowledgeable and can draw on our deepest depths of experience for the good of the planet. 

To my mind, this is true beauty.

Welcome 2017
The Year of the Crone

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