Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Desire for the Goddess Temples of Malta

I am not sure where the desire comes from but in my heart I simply know that I must go to Malta to the Goddess Temples & chant for a soothing, healing release from the stern grip of my tinnitus.

I have been to Malta before but I did not know about the Goddess Temples then and I am not even sure how I know about them now. They just sort of arrived in my consciousness along with this longing to be with them. 

I am almost magically drawn to these neolithic symbols of Goddess worship, eluding to a unity of life that is the personification of all that is sacred within and mysterious about Mother Earth.

An ancient place of harmony and Divine Feminine; a time when the wonder of creation was totally and holistically embraced. My strength as a woman is passed to me from this ancient place and my femininity now feels so utterly poignant, as I learn to live with tinnitus, hyperacusis and hearing loss. 

The ancients send me a deep calling from somewhere beyond my comprehension, to hear something so much deeper than sound.

And so I set a loving intention to be with the Goddess Temples and to chant for a healing release from tinnitus before the Winter ... 

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