Sunday, 8 October 2017

Become a Volunteer at Skanda Vale Hospice

One sure way to bring more love into your life, is to give more love.

That's why when Aquila, the  lovely Volunteer Coordinator at Skanda Vale Hospice in Saron, Carmarthenshire, contacted me to ask if I could help out with their Volunteer Open Day to recruit new volunteers, I was more than happy to help out.

I have been volunteering at the Hospice for the last 18 months as a Storyteller in the Sacred Space working with the senses.

 It truly is the most wonderful place. And no matter what your skill set or preferred way of helping, there is something that will not only give others great pleasure, but fill your heart with joy, too.


The gardens are just magical. 

You can physically feel the love of all the volunteers that helped to build and now help to maintain it.

The cakes made by volunteers in the kitchen somehow taste more scrumptious for all the love in them ...

The rooms are just sublime ... this is how caring should be ... 

 ... with lovely big windows and balconies.

And let's face it, when us or our loved ones have a terminal or life threatening illness, we truly deserve to be loved and given all the nurture possible.

What could be more beautiful than helping others to feel loved in their time of need?

For more information contact Aquila at

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