Sunday, 8 October 2017

Quiet Space Author in Residence Lazarus Carpenter

What an absolute gift to be joined at Quiet Space Studio with the wonderful Lazarus Carpenter who opens up and tells us about the spiritual and sometimes ghostly connections that conected him to the Ballad of Pen Y Graig that started as an Awared Winning Folk Song and led to a book and play script.

I'm not even quite sure when I first met Lazarus. I think perhaps he is one of those people you feel as though you have always known. For sure we have played on the same line up at the same festivals and I have always been in awe of his hard work and determination in promoting live music and newcomers.

So, I have known him as a songwriter, a teller of stories through folk song, not so much an author. That's why I invited him over to Quiet Space Studio as our Resident Author this month.

It is almost as if he was chosen to tell this story by destiny itself. As if the spirits of the Swansea valley had waited for him. Have a listen yourself here ... 

Come back next week to hear the next installment from Lazarus where he will telling us about his exciting new trilogy ... 


  1. boundless words from the exorcised muse of our lovely lad o the valleys..deffynitely bestest folks song, diddleaye dai dai

  2. Thank you Stuart .. what a lovely thing to say! x


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