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Cheryl Beer
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Thursday, 14 December 2017


It is with heartfelt love that I share with you today my new bespoke handmade books. They are teeny tiny stitches of love, handwritten with poems and stories. 

They started like this, on a lap tray in the evenings and are slowly growing into just the most beautiful way of sharing my poems and stories. 

Making little pouches, pockets and books for my own handwritten stories and poems is quite literally divine.  

I put everything of myself  into the making. I like that they look as though little elves have visited in the night and helped make them.

But the tricky thing is the writing ... I have tried writing on the pages before I sew them, however, they end up all wonky.

So, the writing comes at the end, which means that I have to be extra specially careful or unpick and start all over again, which has happened a few times.

And now, off course, it's Christmas, and I find myself busy writing commissions of bespoke poems and stories to touch the heart of others.  How lovely.

They are such personal, heartfelt, teeny, tiny morsels of love. When I wrap them up and send them on their journey, I am filled with joy knowing they will make folk smile when opening them on Christmas Day.

I now have a website page dedicated to my heartfelt books ... here's a link if you'd like to pop over and have a look.

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