Friday, 19 October 2012

oH mY GiDdY aUNtS

Photographs by Lyndon Lomax for Friends of Ceredigion Wildlife.


Have just finished mixing the track '600 Castles' which is the voice of Kidwelly Castle talking to the main character in the production ... this then goes into 'birdsong' which I recorded 'Quite early one morning' in
New Quay and then the hydrophonic recordings from the research team at Sea Watch Foundation New Quay come in ... I haven't touched them much, I've kept them raw,  as they are heard by human ear, but I have pushed up the top end because actually there's probably a large part we're not capable of hearing ... I have also put a bit of delay and reverb on and you can hear the water lapping at the boat and THE DOLPHINS clear as day.

If I close my eyes I'm back on that boat!

So, now on the track there's me doing the narrative with backing singing of the lyric and poetry ... with birds and dolphins and the lapping waves, with me on guitar & ukulele, Mandy Painting on piano and ... oh yes, me on a little prayer cymbal as well ...

DOLPHINS DOLPHINS DOLPHINS!!! And birdsong ... and did I mention DOLPHINS!

I didn't for one minute in my entire life think that one day I would be sat in the studio funded by The Arts Council of Wales, writing music and collaborating with the voices of dolphins.

And to think that my teacher described me as  'a gal from the estate with crazy ideas' ... well Miss, I've got just one word for you ... DOLPHINS! (have got a big smiley face right now folks!)

Many thanks to Sound Engineer Jeff Beer for trusting my creative vision!

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