Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sun sets on producing

Well, I've been through the writing phase of Fusion Inspire and it was a havern ...

a quiet, thoughtful and creative place which enabled me the space to find The Dragon Tree

And now the sun is setting on producing the film scapes, arts installation, songs and narrative

whilst the new day brings the final phase of my production: REHEARSALS!
And not just of other musicians!
It may sound odd, but I don't actually know the songs even though I've written them! I have recorded whilst writing and so will need to re-visit all the tracks and story lines many times to get them to sink into this over crowded head of mine!
I still haven't finished the tracks but I think I could probably work on them forever and still want to add things like the bells I've recorded at our local church, or the Gwilli train pulling off, or the turning of the water mill ... but with the Tour starting in January I really do have to be strict with myself and start setting deadlines! I have LOADS of studio time booked in with the sound engineer and WILL be finished recording the songs and narrative end of October! 
I can't thank The Arts Council of Wales enough for their tremendous support. My life feels complete whilst I have this creative space. It's like returning to myself, re-finding myself and that re-birth is almost autobiographical in the narrative of the production; Dafydd's quest is a reflection of my own journey throughout the creative process.

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