Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Studio Daze!

Wonderful day in the studio, just taking a wee break now, for grub!

First off we mixed the piano onto the tracks that Mandy Painting came over to record last week. Her piano playing really is breath taking! Sounds beautiful! Thanks Mandy.

Then focussed on mixing in some birdsong which I recorded on the coastal path at 6am. This is an echo of Dylan's 'Quite early one morning' written in New Quay and I wanted to record what 'quite early' sounds like to incorporate into my work.

The lyric in 600 Castles 'Hear the birds singing your name' is now accompanied by the birds singing their little hearts out first thing: Dawn chorus!

It then blends into what for me is the possibly the most exciting piece of my journey; the dolphin voices.

Once the birds and the dolphins were down, I then recorded a piece of music that the dolphins inspired me to write on Uke whilst in my secret writing shack last week.

And that's where we've taken a break to grab a quick slice of toast and a cuppa before we pass out!

I am quite honestly moved almost to tears to hear what has been in my head falling out into the studio and being recorded. To hear the inside of your head coming back at you is truthfully a feeling that no words can touch.

Practical aside! Developed a ground hum on my electro-acoustic uke from the transducer!
But we got round it by connecting a ground wire from the output jack to my little finger whilst playing! Top techno tip for you there folks!

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