Thursday, 4 December 2014

a little Thank You goes a long way

I have just finished another Young Promoters Project for Night Out kindly funded by The Arts Council of Wales. 

I have to say there is nothing quite as joyous as forming a committee of primary school children and watching them grow into positive, fun, hard working and focussed citizens within their community.

Last night we had a theatre performance from The Silly Boys at Pen Pych Community Primary School. The children had spent 6 weeks having visits with me, supported by their outstanding Head Teacher, Miss Price & Staff team, to make the event happen.  Mrs Basset became our continuity link in the school.

Before the show, I gave them all a pep talk; 'We are a team, you have done so well, you should be really proud of yourselves, now let's enjoy it!'

'Actually,' says one of the children, ' we have something we want to give you. We think you have done really well and we appreciate all your hard work. You should be really proud of yourself.'

And they handed my a bundle of Thank you cards, one each, hand made with beautiful messages. 

'She's crying.' They all laughed. 'No, she has actually got tears.' said one of the children. And I did. I couldn't help myself, proving unquestionably that a little thank you goes a long way. 

And as if that wasn't thanks enough, The Head Teacher presented me with a bunch of flowers at the event to thank me for all my  work with the children.

Young Promoters is part of Night Out:

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