Monday, 8 December 2014

Moonlight & Silhouettes: First EVER Online Single Release

Today I have put my first ever online single for sale on Bandcamp. 

Here's the link ...

I'm so excited! It's completely home-made by moi! 

I am not one for selling my work. I've always had a problem with it to be honest, it sort of takes away from the joy of making and sharing music, but in this climate, t'is the Arts that gets hit first and I need to find a new, painless way of giving people the opportunity to support my work if they wish to. I am hoping this online mallarki might be it!

Having read a poetic post by fellow writer, Peter John on facebook, I was compelled to write 'Moonlight & Silhouettes' which I then recorded in my home studio with the kind engineering help of my friend Jeff Beer, I played the guitar, programmed the drums, sung the song and mixed it myself.

Pete's words placed me in the Quarters of Paris where I performed in 2011 as part of my European Tour, the long walk back every evening to the area of Paris that I could afford to stay, guided by low lamplight and the moon.

I can not believe that I actually managed to convert my recording to a WAV, which I have never done before and then upload it to Bandcamp! Honestly, I am so NOT technical! 
If I can manage this, so could you!

Anyway, I hope you like the track and if you can't afford the 99 pence on Bandcamp to download it into your world, here it is on youtube so that you don't miss out should you wish to hear it. 

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