Monday, 22 December 2014

Graduation MA Drama

It is difficult to put into words the immense sense of achievement and the intense bond I felt with my fellow students, Denis Lennon and Josh Alan Trask at the University of South Wales when we graduated from our Masters Degree in Drama last week. I felt so utterly proud of the lads and then, for the first time since I can remember, I felt a warming glow deep inside and realised that I was in fact, also proud of myself.

BIG surprise! I won a prize for my Outstanding Achievement in MA Drama and will be invited to a special ceremony for 'exceptional students' next year! Strewth! I wonder if I will always float with this feeling of joy?

I have learnt so many things this year having given the whole of myself to the experience but if I had to identify the most significant, that have had the most impact on my life, it is the ability to be intensely considered, that broad is not the same as deep, and that deep provides a framework for activism and change. It is these key themes that will be at the heart of my ongoing research.

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