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Friday, 26 June 2015

Exciting New Creative Concept to take to Ireland

I have a great big smile on my face right now! This evening I have devised an exciting new creative concept to prepare and experiment with in Ireland next weekend.

That's what I love about being the Co-ordinator of the Wales Artist Team for the Promenade Festival Ireland. I might be organising the Wales team, but I still get to be an Artist, which is really important. In the past, I have found that sometimes organising can take me away from my creativity. 

As you know if you have read earlier blogs, since intensively training over the last 8 months and now qualifying as a Sound Healer, I have been experimenting with how Mantra and Storytelling go together in my practice and are shared as performance. It is an interesting way of combining my work from my MA Drama in terms of 'presence', with a primal truth through Sound healing.

Last visit to Ireland earlier this month, I was touring Moving Mountain: Story & Mantra, but this evening I have written something even more adventurous!

I have put together a collection of Sanskrit mantra, some written by me, some traditional, and crafted them into the story of a woman's life from birth through to being re-born.

I have to say, I'm really quite chuffed to have had such an idea. As I was working on my Sanskrit mantra, the idea popped in my head and I was like, 'OH

The festival is throughout the whole town and Sean Corcoran (Artistic Director) has a map which he has designed (he's an absolutely brilliant artist) and there are a number of key performance points on the map.

My intention is to go to each of these throughout the weekend and perform the different parts of the story through mantra.

I love the idea that through this sharing, I will be encircling the whole town with sound healing and love.

The title of the piece is  SomakAnta) (Moon Beloved) which pays homage to an earlier piece of mine, entitled 'Mother Moon' for which I had a Distinction in my MA Drama. However, unlike Mother Moon , SomakAnta celebrates each part of the cycle of a woman's life & encircles all with love. It is a reflection of my growth and development as a woman, as an Artist and as a human, being.

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  1. It sounds really interesting Chez, thanks for sharing. Isn't it amazing the ideas which come to us when we listen to our heart?! Mandy xx


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