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Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Healing Vibration

What an absolutely phenomenal weekend! I haven't worked this hard on my own work since the Finals of my MA Drama last year. 

I started thinking about devising my piece on Friday night. I sat very still. This was the key.

Saturday morning I woke up and worked right through til 4.30am completely engrossed. 

Then I woke up at 9.00am today on just 4 and half hours sleep and couldn't wait to start again. 

Now, here I am at 11.35pm writing this because I feel I must share with you how wonderful the world is when you unconditionally allow yourself to 'be' who you are in the now.

somakAnta is a 13 piece collection of healing mantra. A journey from the birth of a girl child, delicately tracing her love and heart ache until she returns to the nurturing bosom of Mother Nature, waiting to be re-born.

Accompanying myself with traditionally Hand- beaten Tibetan singing bowls somakAnta creates the vibrational infinty of the Universe to bring about inner peace and love.

I will be sharing the collection in Ireland next weekend in 13 venues across the 3 days of The Promenade festival in Tramore, Ireland. 

In the stillness of quiet
I become more adept at listening

The infinite vibration of the Universe
Embraces me with her whisper
'Child, Be who you are'

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