Sunday, 20 September 2015

Barefoot Hippy

Well, here I am in France.

I have been here 9 days of my month already and not one blog!!

I can't believe it but I just haven't had the time to blog.

Seems strange because when I am at home with a diary crammed full of work, I have time to blog, but here, with the sun shining and my head put to bed, while I listen to my heart, writing stuff down seems to have been exchanged for living a bit!

I am going to start my first blog with today because in this time warp lifestyle, I realise that it doesn't really matter in what order I write my experiences. Why should the first, come first? Do you see how laid back I am becoming already!

That's how it is here.

I don't have to keep checking the time because there is no schedule as such except that I carry out Sound Practice in the form of a Bath or Chanting, Monday to Friday 12pm - 1.00pm ...  and the church bells go off every hour in the distant village so who needs a clock?

Time glides and slides, slips and eases itself into light and darkness beautifully, chimed in and out from across the far reaching fields.

I started today with a sound bath in the vegetable garden.

I wanted to get really close to nature, to the earth.

My dear friends, whom I will tell you all about in another blog (see this one:) have been here for a week and they went home today and so I wanted to get myself connected the ground as myself, alone.

With my bare feet in the mud, stood next to the tall growing corn of the cob and beside the neatly leafing rows of carrots, looking at the flowering courgettes and apple heavy trees, I began my chant to the earth.

It felt as if it were magical.

One thing I notice is that when I close my eyes chanting, once they are opened again, it is like a wondrous surprise of loveliness.

The sky is so blue here, almost more than blue, with hardly any clouds, and I can sense the blueness healing my throat chakra as I sing to it. I am of the earth.

So, it was quite a grounding sound bath of chanting, shaman drum and shaker to cleanse the space around me as my own, gaining confidence and strength through bare feet on soil.

So maybe this explains what happened in the afternoon ...

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